Medi Assist Wins CIO100 2016 Award

Medi Assist

Medi Assist is the proud recipient of CIO100 award for the year 2016, often referred to as the ‘Oscar of the IT industry’ under the category ‘Information Mastermind’. This is recognition of MediBuddy as a revolutionary technology platform that revolutionizes the health insurance industry. The award was received by Himanshu Rastogi, CIO – Medi Assist. Here is an excerpt from our project submission to CIO awards: “MediBuddy is a revolutionary technology platform that transforms the health insurance industry at the very core. MediBuddy, with its diverse offerings for various stakeholders of the health benefits industry, makes the process of discovering, accessing, utilizing and monitoring health benefits seamless, real-time and virtually paperless. Here are some notable features of


  1. Members can sign-up for MediBuddy with a username / password of their own choice. They can then access, raise, manage and track their claims in real-time using both the MediBuddy portal as well as the mobile app.
  2. Members can opt for eCashless on MediBuddy to obtain a provisional preauthorization from the comfort of their homes using their mobile app. Not only does eCashless eliminate all wait time and anxiety at the time of hospitalization, it also gives members full visibility into their cost of care and out-of-pocket expenses so members can plan all aspects of their hospitalization better.
  3. Particularly useful in the case of emergency hospitalization, members can use the GPS-enabled network hospital search to locate hospitals within their insurer network in their vicinity.
  4. Hospitals can use the MediBuddy platform to manage all cashless claims, from origination to settlement, online and in real-time. No more illegible faxes or emails; patients can now get their preauthorization much faster.
  5. With the ability to raise claims online and save all documents in digital format, MediBuddy makes the entire lifecycle of health benefits virtually paperless by saving all records on the cloud. Members can access records anytime, anywhere, and on-the-go – and forever.”

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