Making Affordable Healthcare A Reality in Tamil Nadu


Nothing can be more fulfilling for us, both an institution as well as individuals, than contributing towards nation-building. Medi Assist takes great pride in partnering with Central and State Governments to administer medical benefits under a range of welfare programs for the citizens of India. As part of our endeavor to make healthcare more accessible and affordable in the country, Medi Assist feels proud to be a partner to the Government of Tamil Nadu in the administration of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (TNCMCHIS), a scheme launched by the late Honorable Chief Minister, J. Jayalalitha, that has given millions of families in the state the gift of timely, convenient and cashless medical care.

Our journey in a nutshell

We commenced administering the TNCMCHIS scheme in 2012 and have consistently elevated our performance and levels of engagement over the years. Our systematic approach, with strong local presence and connect, has helped us steadily increase our outreach to the scheme’s beneficiaries across the state. Here are some key highlights of our work with the Government of Tamil Nadu.

  • We have touched over 170 lakh lives and have processed over 6 lakh claims till date. We have a maintained a track record of swift claim approvals. More than 80% of all preauthorization requests are approved within 6 hours and 65% of all claims are settled within 3 days from the date of receipt.
  • Timely preventive care goes a long way in attempting to reduce the cost of medical care. In a bid to optimize the cost of care, we have assisted the state government in conducting over 970 health camps, 780 special health camps and over 440 mega health camps all across the state.
  • The floods in Chennai caused unprecedented havoc. Medi Assist played an active role in the rehabilitation of the affected families by conducting over 2,060 special flood health camps. We screened 1.11 lakh people and referred several thousands of them for further treatment.
  • Our efforts have been recognized and commended. Medi Assist was conferred the prestigious “Best Practicesaward by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 2014 for the implementation of the scheme. We have also received over 25 other awards and appreciation certificates from various stakeholders.

Here are a few highlights of our journey together:

  • Target population: Families with an annual income of less than Rs. 72,000
  • Sum Insured (Rs): Rs. 1 lakh/family/annum
  • Districts allocated: 10
  • Families covered: 50 lakh
  • Lives covered: 170 lakhs

The Tamil Nadu government is one of the governments we are pleased to work with. Stay tuned to read more about our association with other state governments in our upcoming blogs.