Make a Safe Bet While Ordering Medicines Online: Order Through MediBuddy

Online medicine order

It is not overstating things when online shopping is regarded as the next best thing since sliced bread. The sheer convenience and the added bonus of discounts can often serve as an incentive to purchase online. But can online shopping be a bane when it comes to medicines? Not when you pick the right service provider and stay savvy about the risk factors.

Checkpoints in place while ordering medicines on MediBuddy

To make sure you don’t fall prey to any of the risks of buying medicines online, we make sure all medicine orders on MediBuddy are regulated with the following guidelines:

  • Physical prescription in original is mandatory. Copies / digital or online prescriptions will not be accepted. They will be verified at the time of delivery.
  • Prescriptions must not be more than 1 year old. Expired prescriptions are not accepted.
  • The patient name, doctor’s name, doctor's registration number, and dosage must be mentioned and be legible.
  • Prescriptions from allopathy doctor must include only allopathic medicines.
  • OTC and scheduled drugs cannot be included in the order.

Beyond the measures to regulate the orders channelled through us, we’ve ensured our service providers are certified and registered practitioners. We leave little to worry in our efforts to place healthcare services within your reach!

Safety in your hands

There are steps you can take to ensure the medicines you order online are safe. Before you opt to order medicines for any health condition, talk to a doctor about your medication and prescription. And when you do get your prescription filled by an online pharmacy, do all the mandatory checks:

  • Take a close look at the physical appearance of the medicine, i.e., the colour, shape, texture, and most importantly its packaging
  • Check to see if there is anything unusual about it – smell, taste, etc.
  • Alert your service provider or pharmacist if there is anything different about the medicine

Things to consider while ordering medicines online

Some of the major concerns and risks when you buy medicine online include:

  • Existence of illegal or unethical pharmacies, drug manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Unscrupulous business practices to entice customers such as including orders for prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) drugs that may not be safe to use and could put your health at risk.
  • Supply chain irregularities that can mean counterfeit drugs or fake products delivered to you.
  • Replacing medicines on your prescription with alternative medicines that could be too strong, too weak, or are not safe to use in combination with other medicines on your list.
  • Mishandling personal information such as debit/credit card details or net banking details.

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