Hungry? Makhanas are the snacks you need


For a quick evening snack, many of us reach for a bag of fried chips or a box of Kurkure. However, now that we are aware of the negative impacts of these foods all around us, it is time to consider something better. Here is where foods like fox nuts are becoming more and more well-liked. Fox Nuts (Makhana) are a delicious food with many advantages.

Health Benefits of bingeing on Fox Nuts (Makhana):

Enhance Weight Loss

One of the healthiest snacks one may have at any time is makhana, or fox nuts. Fox nuts are a great supplement for weight loss because they have little calories. They are a good option to sate your hunger in a healthy way because they are full and light.

Slow the process of ageing

Fox nuts have anti-aging benefits and can help you seem younger. Fox nuts contain the natural flavonoid kaempferol, which has antioxidant capabilities by scavenging free radicals and slowing down ageing.

Fighting Arthritis

Makhana has a lot of calcium. Consuming calcium is essential for strong bones and teeth. Fox nuts help people with osteoporosis and arthritis strengthen their bones by supplying the body with the calcium it needs.

Control Diabetes

High glycemic index (GI) foods can cause blood sugar levels to rise. Because makhanas have a low glycemic index, they make the greatest snack for people suffering from diabetes. Fox nuts are also high in fibre and low in fat, which gives them a double advantage in lowering their blood sugar levels.

Cleanse the Spleen

The spleen can be kept clean and detoxified with the use of euryale. Eating makhanas can assist the body in removing waste and preventing the buildup of toxins. Additionally, it has a role in strengthening the body's immunological system. Fox nuts support the spleen's healthy function and have a therapeutic impact on it.

Keep blood pressure steady

Makhana is one of the greatest strategies to manage systolic blood pressure and can assist in blood pressure management. Makhana has high potassium content and low sodium content. By taking these makhanas, a person with hypertension can experience significant benefits.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Alkaloids, saponins, and gallic acid are three phytonutrients that are abundant in makhana and can shield your body against several ailments. According to a number of studies, having low levels of magnesium can generally increase your chances of having a heart attack. The high channel blocker magnesium, which is abundant in makhana and considerably improves blood and oxygen, lowers the risk of developing heart disease. Therefore, consume a few handfuls of makhana each day to meet your body's needs for magnesium.

Better kidney health

The astringent qualities of fox nuts can aid in reducing kidney-related problems. A low salt diet helps control blood pressure, decrease stress and contribute to kidney health. All of these are provided by Makhana, which also improves renal function.

Keep Inflammation at Bay

Antioxidants called flavonoids, which are found in plants as secondary metabolites can improve human health by lowering inflammation and the risk of heart disease. Makhanas can help battle chronic inflammation and restore dead tissues when consumed over time. Due to their high flavonoid content, fox nuts can potentially benefit health by having antibacterial effects on the body.

Help treat insomnia

Fox nuts have a calming, soothing, and calming impact that can help you manage stress and get rid of sleeplessness naturally. These seeds contain isoquinoline alkaloids, which have sedative and relaxing effects.

Makhana, also known as "fox nut" or "lotus seed," has emerged as a nutrient powerhouse rich in vitamins, minerals, and fibre. They are also bursting with medicinal benefits and are unquestionably excellent for diabetics and people with a history of high blood pressure.

The new popcorn is makhanas! Because they are inexpensive, nutritious, simple to cook, crispy, and flavorful. Makhanas are a healthier alternative to unhealthy snacks and risky processed foods because they don't contain trans fat and are easy on the stomach.