How to get relief from Arthritis pain at home naturally?


Arthritis is a group of conditions that involve stiffness, degeneration and pain inflammation of the joints in the body, it may occur in one joint at a time or multiple joints. Some common types of arthritis are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Gout. Arthritis may be caused by abrasion and wearing out of the joints due to age or other issues (such as osteoarthritis).

It can also be caused by an underlying autoimmune disease like with RA. In an autoimmune disease, the immune system attacks the body's healthy tissue itself for no reason, treating it as an invader. This can be very painful and it can get worse over time. Some kinds of arthritis flare up in painful episodes while others get progressively worse.

Medical treatments for most kinds of arthritis are limited since autoimmune diseases cannot be cured. In most cases arthritis patients are prescribed pain management medication and physical therapy, some conditions may require immune-suppressing drugs while in worst cases surgery may also be considered.

Since self care is a major aspect of most arthritis treatments, here are some easy things you can do at home for pain relief. Do not perform any of these pain relief techniques without first speaking with your doctor, and do not stop taking any medication you have been prescribed.

Weight management and exercise

Weight management is especially important for osteoarthritis, your weight can affect the amount of pressure the joints go through on a daily basis. If you are not overweight, however, do not lose weight since it may not be a healthy option for you. Optimum weight can ease up joint pain and reduce the risk of future damage. Usually, weight loss can be achieved by a healthy structured diet and exercise.

Exercise is beneficial for arthritis patients who aren’t trying to lose weight too. Regular, low impact exercises like walking, cycling or swimming are recommended. You may need to speak with a trained physiotherapist to ensure you aren’t causing yourself more harm with your exercise routine. Persistent exercising can strengthen your muscles at the joints which helps to support them and this may reduce joint pain. It also keeps your joints more flexible which may result in better mobility and lower pain while moving.

Hot and Cold treatment

Applying something hot to the joints may ease stiffness in the joints and also provide a measure of pain relief. A warm shower, a heating pad or hot water bottle as well as an electric blanket are all good options. These can be used in the morning and evening or as often as you require, but care must be taken to avoid burns. Over-the-counter ointments and creams that contain capsaicin are also good at providing localized heat and warmth to the joint. Avoid using both capsaicin and other heat treatments at the same time, this may result in burns.

Similarly, since most arthritis has symptoms of flaring inflammation, using cold on and around the joint may also provide relief. Always wrap the ice or other frozen pack in a towel or cloth before applying it to the skin. This technique can bring fast relief from inflamed joint pain when used right.

Massage Therapy

Using just your hands, or with additional accessories like massage oil, essential oils and pain relief ointments you can get a significant reduction in joint pain. Gentle and regular massages can provide comfort and also mental relief, it not only reduces pain but is known to improve mood as well. If you can afford it, you should seek out a professional massage therapist who has some experience with arthritis patients. There is no scientific data suggesting that massage therapy can be used as a treatment for arthritis. But it is known to provide pain relief to many people so it is worth a try.

In a similar vein, acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that has metaphysical aspects to it. Several studies have found that many people experience pain relief from this treatment (although in most cases the pain relief is not long term) but the mechanism is not fully understood. Whether you subscribe to the philosophy behind it or not, it may be worth giving this a shot since it may help with immediate pain relief. It is important to ensure only clean and sanitized needles for acupuncture. Other than that this treatment does not have any significant risks associated with it.

Mental Relaxation

Arthritis can be taxing on both the body and mind, the regular episodes of pain may cause you severe stress. As part of your self care, taking care of your mood and mental health is vital. Deep breathing, meditation, talk therapy and speaking with other arthritis patients can all be part of your journey to better deal with this condition. For people with religious beliefs, prayer can go along with meditation. Some people use aromatherapy and sound therapy to help them find a pleasant mind space during meditation. While this technique may not have any direct impact on your immediate pain, it can both help to distract your brain from the pain as well as help you cope with your situation.

Seek help and stay in touch with your doctor

While these techniques can be beneficial, they might not be enough to manage your arthritis pain. Always stay in touch with your doctor, inform them of any new pains and symptoms and stick to any medication they have prescribed you. Be wary of supplements and alternative pain relief products since there is very little research into the safety and effectiveness of these. While arthritis may not always be curable, with the right treatment plan and proper self care methods you can live a fruitful, regular life. Try out some of these home techniques and see if any of them help.