How to Diagnose and Treat Hydrocele?

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Hydrocele is a medical condition where a serum-like serous fluid accumulates between the membrane layer surrounding the spermatic cord or along the testis. Similarly, a fluid can accumulate in females around the Canal of Nuck. A hydrocele diagnosis is of two types- noncommunicating or simple and communicating.

A hydrocele can cause swelling, which often makes the affected person feel discomfort and, in some cases, pain. Moreover, this medical condition affects infants more than it does adults. It mostly goes on its own, but if a hydrocele doesn’t go, you may need to conduct a Hydrocelectomy.

In this article, you will explore guidance regarding hydrocele diagnosis, how to treat it through home remedies, and surgery to treat hydrocele.

Types of Hydrocele

There are two main types of hydroceles: communicating hydrocele and noncommunicating hydrocele. We have mentioned it down below-

1. Communicating

Ha, communicating hydrocele is something that has communication or contact with the fluid in your abdominal cavity. The space between your abdomen is your abdominal cavity, which contains the stomach, kidneys, liver, intestines, and other organs.  Most communicating hydrocele occurs in fetal development. Hence, during the development, a thin layer of membrane forms between the tissue of this stomach lining and the scrotum. Moreover, if your child or you develop a communicating hydrocele, the scrotum will appear larger throughout the day and get swollen. Therefore, one might look for discomfort to have a hydrocele diagnosis.

2. Noncommunicating

While in a noncommunicating hydrocele, the vaginalis process closes. However, you might see some extra abdominal fluid around the testicle. And, for no obvious reason, one might see noncommunicating hydroceles present on the boat or in developing years.

Methods to Confirm Hydrocele Diagnosis

Hydrocele doesn’t fundamentally feel the pain depending on the severity, but you might feel discomfort because of the swelling. Hence, there are a few symptoms of hydrocele that you can notice for diagnosis. An adult can encounter a feeling of heaviness in the scrotum. Moreover, in some cases, the swelling can get worse in the morning than in the evening and usually doesn't feel very painful. Noncommunicating hydroceles typically stay the same size or grow slowly.

Hence, there are a few ways through which your physician or your doctor can conduct a hydrocele diagnosis. If you feel any discomfort or swelling, you shall consult a doctor for a physical examination.

  • The doctor may look for pain in the enlarged scrotum.
  • A physician may press the scrotum or stomach area to identify inguinal hernia.
  • Physicians also identify a hydrocele by shining a light through the scrotum for the diagnosis. If you or your infant have a hydrocele, the light will illuminate a clear fluid near the testicles.

Once they get an examination and a clear identification of the problem, you may need to go for a blood and urine test to check for infections. Moreover, you might also need to take an ultrasound for a tumor, hernia, and any other reason for the swelling.

Can we treat Hydrocele at home?

A hydrocele is a medical condition that causes discomfort for men. In the medical condition, a fluid assembles around the scrotum, and due to this, an individual may encounter swelling and enlargement in the scrotum. Therefore, if you are infected with hydrocele, then you might notice a few symptoms like itching, swelling, or redness.

One can conduct hydrocele treatment without surgery through hydrocele home remedies to cure their hydrocele. The remedies are as follows-

  1. To treat a hydrocele at home, you should consume lots of fruits. Nutrition plays a vital role in building health. In conditions similar to hydrocele, consuming exclusive fruits can give major relief to symptoms.
  2. Another remedy that you can follow to get relief is to consume boiled vegetables often.
  3. Epsom salt bath is also a good way to shrink hydrocele. Therefore, you can add two to three cups of Epsom salt into a warm water tub and relax for 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water helps you feel relieved.

Treatments for Hydrocele

Most hydroceles do not need any treatment. However, if hydrocele does not go on its own, then you can consider taking a few treatment methods. If a hydrocele doesn't resolve, then you may visit a healthcare provider who will recommend a hydrocelectomy. It's a process where a surgeon will remove your hydrocele. Moreover, if you have a communicating hydrocele, then it will close the opening of your scrotum and processus vaginalis. Therefore, to remove a hydrocele, a surgeon might make cards in yellow to watch the stomach area or your scrotum. Sometimes, these hydroceles are found while repairing inguinal hernia. In this case, the surgeon removed the hydrocele even though it caused no discomfort.

There are also methods such as hydrocele home remedies for a hydrocele treatment without surgery. If you are someone who doesn't like to go through surgery and the symptoms are not that serious, you can use home remedies to reduce symptoms. Eating boiled vegetables and consuming exclusive fruits can help you reduce the symptoms of hydrocele. We have mentioned a number of treatment ways through which you can reduce your hydrocele.


Hydrocele is a common medical condition that causes trouble for men by accumulating fluids around their testicles or scrotum. This accommodation might cause the scrotum to swell and cause this comfort to the infected person. Therefore, if one is feeling discomfort or pain in their scrotum, then they might try to consult a physician order doctor. Through physical examination and tests like ultrasound and light tests, the physician will be able to understand the characteristics of the hydrocele.

After hydrocele diagnosis, the doctor may recommend medical intervention in terms of severe cases or just treat your condition with common treatment. In some cases, due to significant discomfort, you can opt for hydrocele removal surgery. In this article, we have mentioned plenty of ways through which one can treat their hydrocele on their own through home remedies.