6 Benefits Of Turmeric Milk


Native to India and Southeast Asia, the Turmeric plant root has been used in cooking across the region usually in powdered form. Turmeric has a bright yellow colour and is used primarily for colouring and imparting taste and in India, it has had long been associated with Ayurveda.The main constituent of Turmeric is curcumin, which gives this herb its distinct colour and taste. Turmeric also has seen much use throughout history in non-food applications as a dyeing agent.Haldi Doodh is a traditional Indian preparation of Turmeric, milk and other herbs. Also known as Golden Milk, this beverage carries all the benefits of Turmeric and curcumin and can be prepared easily at home.

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of drinking Turmeric milk regularly:

Supporting The Immune System: When prepared with milk (dairy or non-dairy), ginger, honey and cinnamon, Turmeric milk contains nutrients required for the normal functioning of the immune system. Curcumin and other chemicals present in Turmeric behave as antioxidants, which also helps to keep your immunity at a nominal level. Antioxidants help to lower the number of free radicals running around in your body, as these can cause cell damage and internally stress your body out. The antioxidant properties of Turmeric, coupled with the health benefits of milk (from proteins, fats and other nutrients) can improve your overall health, strength and subsequently help you to have a stronger immune system.

Possibly Reduces Inflammation: There is a lot of anecdotal evidence of Turmeric having anti-inflammatory properties, which can be a boon for some people. There is also limited scientific data that indicates Turmeric might provide some relief in cases of arthritis of the knees. One study suggested that Turmeric extract helped patients with osteoarthritis to have better movement and lower pain.

Milk+Turmeric= Strong Bones: The main ingredients in Turmeric milk contain the vital nutrients necessary for healthy and strong bone development. Milk contains calcium, phosphorus and a variety of minerals and vitamins that the body uses in the creation and repair of bones. The benefits of milk are well known, both in growing children as well as adults who are not lactose intolerant. If your daily diet is lacking in certain nutrients, a glass of Turmeric Milk can be just what you need to balance your daily nutrition.

Coconut Milk: Often non-dairy milk is used to prepare Turmeric milk, such as coconut milk. Coconut milk contains fibre,  carbs, vitamins, minerals like iron, selenium as well as protein. Coconut milk helps to provide a sizeable amount of your daily required nutrients while simultaneously tasting delicious and refreshing. Coconut milk has also been shown to improve metabolism, body composition and may even aid in weight loss.

Warm Drink Before Bedtime: Because Turmeric Milk is often prepared as a bedtime drink, it is associated with getting proper and regular sleep. A warm glass of delicious milk with Turmeric and honey can have a soothing effect on your body and mental state and get you ready for a long night of rest. If you’re experiencing difficulty falling asleep, try a warm cup of Turmeric Milk and see if it helps you with your sleep issues.

Therapeutic Solution For Bowel Issues: There is some scientific interest in curcumin due to its use against bowel disease. Curcumin has the potential to inhibit certain processes, it can contribute in a natural way, to better digestion and might even be used as a cure for bowel disease in the future according to some scientists. Turmeric has seen many uses since humans first started cultivating this plant, from colouring and dyeing to flavouring in foods (it’s even used in some South Indian marital rituals, as well as in western and coastal marriage ceremonies). If you’ve never tried this Golden Milk, you can first try it out by buying yourself some from a store. But if you're feeling adventurous you should go right ahead and make it yourself! This yellow beverage will keep you company on cold winter nights all the while providing the benefits of Turmeric and curcumin to your health.