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February – Month of Hearts. Love is all over the place all over the world this month. Our heart and mind both needs to be healthy. There are many heathy choices which we follow but maintaining it though out our life is a difficult task. But for a healthier heart and a happy mind we can try to inculcate following steps in our lives.

Dr. Shiji Padman, General Physician MBBS, DNB - Family Medicine 13 years experience

Track your Weight

Keep your weight on a track. The Healthy BMI for an urban Indian is <23 kg/m2, and cut off values for Waist Circumference were 85 cm for men and 80 cm for women, and for Waist Hip Ratio they were 0.89 for men and 0.81 for women. Unhealthy weight gain can increase unwanted fat like cholesterol and sugar values in your blood causing you to fall in disease zones.

Keep moving

Always move around esp. in our new normal lifestyle when we are bound inside four walls due to restricted movements we need to find healthy ways to be physically active. For e.g. Move around and take meetings on calls, spend time with kids playing with them, involving yourself in household activities etc. Do not be idle for more than 1.5 hours at a stretch in front of gadgets like laptops, mobiles, television etc.

Awareness and Alertness

Be aware of your body type, genetic history, hereditary issues and your annual health check values. We need to be cautious of cholesterol values in lipid profile, ECG and stress test and take steps towards maintaining a clean health check-up report. Taking action at the correct time can help us be on track.

Happy and Peaceful mind

We toil hard for a better future for ourselves but we forget to live in the present and put ourselves in stressful situations. Various habits like gardening, listening to music or even following our long lost passion or a hobby can make our mind peaceful and help us to love ourselves. Finding time in our busy schedules to incorporate these habits can be difficult but as u know where there is a will there is a way.





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