Flavoured Condoms From India’s Most Reliable Brands


For a safe sex, you have to use a condom at all costs. The primary goal should be to strike a nice balance between a safe yet comfortable condom. While many brands manufacture and supply condoms in the marketplace, you have to choose the most trusted brand to make sure a 100% safe sex.

We have listed the 5 best condom brands in India below. Let's get into the details of their dotted as well as flavoured condoms:

5 Best condom Brands in India


kamasutra extra dotted condoms
Kamasutra is one of the most trusted condom brands and its extra dotted version is very safe and reliable. During sex,protection is crucial to the health of both partners. Kamasutra extra-dotted condoms can provide both protection and pleasure.

  • The latex is durable as well as comfortable.
  • It comes with extra lubrication, reducing friction during sex.
  • The extra dots enhance the experience for the female partner
  • They last for a fairly long time and are sturdy at the same point in time.

kamasutra flavored condoms
If you don't like the extra-dotted condoms, you can prefer flavoured condoms from Kamasutra. These:

  • Are specially designed to increase excitement and sensation.
  • Ceate greater sensual pleasure and stimulation.
  • All in all, lead to a more exciting experience, evoking a deeper sexual response from both.

Durex India

Durex Extra Dotted Condoms
Durex has certainly been making its name in India for some time. When we talk about its extra dotted fvariant, it’s pros include:

  • An entire packet contains 10 lubricated & straight-walled condoms.
  • All condoms have a length of 180mm and a width of 53mm
  • Extremely secure that allows the users to enjoy the experience without fearing STDs or unwanted pregnancy.

Durex Flavored Condoms
Durex is well known for its flavoured condoms.:

  • Sensually flavoured come in many variants including bubblegum, chocolate and vanilla, making them ideal for oral sex.
  • Just like extra dotted ones, these are lubricated and straight-walled condoms.


Manforce Extra Dotted Condoms
Manforce is well known for its extra-dotted condoms. The reason behind its popularity is the features as stated here:

  • Manforce Extra Dotted Condoms has 576 dots to bring your sexual experience to a whole different level.
  • Easier to put on too so it is comfortable to use.
  • 100% electronically tested so you can consider it absolutely safe for use.

Manforce Flavored Condoms
While Manforce is known as one of the best extra-dotted condom brands, you can also label it as a reliable flavoured condom brand in India as well.

  • You can prefer the chocolate variant as it is quite popular and rightly so. Take pleasure and protection to the next level with Manforce Chocolate Flavoured Wild Condoms.
  • It is quite durable too so if you like to have a long run during sex, this condom will come in handy.


Skore Extra Dotted Condoms
As far as trusted condom brands are concerned, Skore is top-notch and well known for its extra-dotted condoms.

  • The condom comes with extra lubrication
  • These are infused with a seducing scent of vanilla too. So you can expect sensational intimate effects while using it.

Skore Flavored Condoms
Skore is widely known as one of the best condom brands for its flavoured condoms.

  • There is an entire Skore fruit basket available. It includes chocolate, strawberry, banana and orange.
  • 40 pieces of Multi Flavoured condoms that enhance the intimate moments to the pinnacle before the actual game.


Moods Extra Dotted Condoms
Moods is another name that is slowly making its mark as a reliable extra-dotted condom brand. Its features include:

  • There are no side effects of using this condom brand.
  • It is 100% electronically tested.
  • The lubrication is quite good for a smooth sex experience.

Moods Flavored Condoms
Just like the extra dotted ones, Moods flavoured condoms are of excellent quality as well.

  • They are available in flavours such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla etc.
  • These flavoured condoms give the user an effective and comfortable grip.

Purchasing the best condom brands not only ensures protection from dangerous STDs but also saves you from unwanted pregnancies. The myth about condoms that they cut down the pleasures of sex is absolutely false. If you know which condom to choose (extra-dotted or flavoured) then it becomes quite a ride for both you and your partner. However, make sure that you only choose the very best because compromising with condoms is not a good option!


  1. Should I ask my partner about condom flavour?
    There's no harm in asking your partner about condom flavour. After all, sexual intercourse is a two-way activity and decisions should be mutual.
  2. Can condoms cause infection?
    If you choose a trusted brand, the chances of infections are almost negligible. So it's essential to choose a quality brand of condom. Always use a new condom while engaging in sexual activities.
  3. How to choose the best condom?
    Be sure about the flavour and the type of condom you want. Choosing one of the best brands will be ideal.
  4. Can a condom cause loss of sensation during sex?
    This is a myth. Condoms do not diminish the sensual pleasure of sexual intercourse. On top of that they serve two very important features- protection from STDs and prevention of pregnancy.
  5. Which condom is best for protection?
    All the brands that we have discussed here are the best for protection. They have their own merits and are 100% electronically tested!