8 Disadvantages of fast food you didn't know about


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Disadvantages of junk food

Junk food is comfort food. We live in an era when our lives are defined by anxiety and stress. And a quick escape for many is to bite into a savoury bit of fast food. Mostly because at the end of a long day at the office nothing can induce you to go through the hassle of preparing a meal for yourself.  This is when take-away seems like a godsend. Whatever be your reason, surely you know that you are wilfully wrecking your health. To remind you that eating fast food is almost the same as slowly poisoning yourself, we will detail the effects of fast food on your health.

Disadvantages of fast food

It can prompt memory Loss

Fast foods that are loaded with fats or sugars interfere with the activity of those brain peptides that are responsible for the formation of memories and their recollection. There are synapses in the brain that help with its cognitive performances as well as learning and remembering. Overconsumption of junk food does not allow these synapses to grow. This, in turn, can hamper how well you perform routine activities.

Your chances of getting dementia increase

Certain chemicals in the brain carry signals between the different nerve cells and this function is vital for long-term memory formation. But fast food induces your brain to produce too much of these chemicals. And this makes the cells resistant to them. Junk food will limit your ability to think and recall, and set the grounds for the onset of dementia.

You can get diabetes

Eating junk food will raise the sugar level in your blood. When too much of glucose or sugar collects in your bloodstream, your cells become resistant to insulin. This means that there is a good chance you might contract diabetes in the future.

Eating fast food can damage your kidneys

Fast food pumps a lot of toxic materials into your body. And it is the kidneys’ job to flush away all those toxins to keep your system clean and healthy. One of the greatest disadvantages of fast food is that they make the kidneys work overtime to get rid of the harmful particles in your body. And over time, this can take a toll on them.

Junk food makes you over-eat

Eating junk food will make you more inclined towards overconsumption. Trans fats present in these foods mess up the signals in your brain that help it decide if you have eaten enough to satiate your hunger. Moreover, fast food will make you crave for more food and your brain will overpower its own inhibitors that warn to not binge eat. That is why you will keep eating these foods day after day and this will slowly push you towards obesity and a host of other ailments.

They will raise your blood pressure

One of the health problems caused by eating fast food is the accumulation of plaque in your blood vessels. This will restrict the flow of blood through them and result in high blood pressure. Unchecked hypertension is behind many fatal disorders such as heart attack, brain stroke, kidney disease, aneurysm, retinopathies of the eyes etc.

Fast foods are enemies of your teeth

Fast foods contain loads of carbohydrates and sugars that cause a thin film of plaque to develop around your teeth.  This is food for bad bacteria and can lead to tooth decay as well as gum disorders.

They can trigger headaches and acne

All the savoury junk foods contain sodium, which makes you vulnerable to frequent headaches. Similarly, the presence of too many carbohydrates and grease can make your skin break out into acne.


Junk foods can cause a world of damage to your body. The contentment they provide is temporary yet the damages they inflict can last a lifetime. So wean yourself off them as soon as possible.


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