Factors Affect the Total Knee Replacement Surgery Cost in India

total knee replacement cost

Over 15 crore individuals in India suffer from knee difficulties, making knee discomfort a highly prevalent condition. Approximately 4 crores of these require knee replacement surgery. Medical professionals predict that the demand for knee replacement surgery will rise in the coming years.

Metal or plastic artificial joints are used to replace worn and damaged knees during knee replacement surgery. It's a way to ease the pain in your knees when you climb stairs, walk, and raise yourself out of the chair. Patients who have knee injuries or arthritis must think about having a knee replacement. In this procedure, also called knee arthroplasty, the damaged bones and cartilage of the natural joint are replaced with new ones to restore the surface of a damaged knee.

The Average Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery in India

A TKR surgery costs a lot of money. In India, knee replacement surgery usually costs between ₹1.5 lakh to ₹2.3 lakh. Medical costs related to diagnostic tests carried out during the patient's stay in the hospital and physical rehabilitation following surgery are included in the cost of knee transplantation. The costs are also related to the surgeon's fee, rent for hospital quarters, cost of implant, overtime, medication, medical supplies, and so on.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery

Several factors go into determining the knee replacement cost of surgery.  They are-

  • Type of Knee Replacement Surgery

The kind of knee surgery you have is a big factor in how much a knee transplant will cost. For instance, a partial knee replacement procedure is less expensive than a complete knee replacement.

  • Kind of Implant

The type of implant utilised to repair the damaged knee joints will determine the knee replacement cost in India.

  • Patient's State of Health

The complexity of the treatment also influences how much knee replacement costs. If the patient has any hidden ailments, for example, diabetes or hypertension, the treatment turns out to be seriously difficult. That will raise the expense of knee medical procedures.

  • Surgery Type

The kind of procedure used in a knee replacement treatment influences the surgical cost. An open knee procedure, for example, is more expensive than a robotic knee replacement.

  • City

The expense of your knee substitution medical procedure is additionally affected by the city in which you have it performed. For instance, because Delhi is a top-tier city, a knee replacement procedure in New Delhi will cost more than one in Vishakhapatnam.

  • Hospital Type

The cost of your knee replacement procedure is also influenced by the kind of facility in which it is performed. A knee activity performed at a confidential clinic, for instance, will cost more than one act in an administration medical clinic in a similar city.

  • The Knowledge of a Surgeon

Your knee surgeon's fee will also affect the quality of your knee surgery. Higher skill level surgeons bill more than lesser reputation and experience level surgeons.

  • Length of Hospital Stay

The length of your stay at the hospital will determine how much you'll pay for knee surgery. Your knee transplant will cost more the longer you stay in the hospital.

  • Knee Surgery Aftercare

Physical therapy, diagnostic testing, etc., were frequently part of the postoperative treatment after knee replacement surgery. With the length of recovery time, the knee transplant cost will increase.

How to Cut the Cost of Knee Replacement Surgery?

  • The Effectiveness of Surgery

Dr. Sinha applied his cut-out-the-clutter approach to the real total joint process to increase efficiency in the OR. He discovered that while 95% of total knee replacement surgeries were the same from patient to patient, nurses and scrub techs were required to collaborate with various doctors whose techniques weren't always in sync. Confusion and longer recovery times might result from this, increasing the expense of each total knee replacement.

  • Invest in Equipment Tailored to Each Patient.

Orthopaedic physician Keith Berend, MD, of Joint Implant Surgeons in New Albany, Ohio, prefers to use patient-specific instruments instead of a computer-navigation system to guide the surgical procedure during complete knee replacements.

This technique involves using an MRI scan to make disposable moulds that fit a patient's tibia and femur and have a slot to direct the surgeon's incisions on those bones. The PSI technique approaches the same surgical precision in implant placement that the computer navigation system does, but it takes a lot less time since the moulds are based on the anatomy of the patient.

  • Affirm Bundled Payments Through Negotiation.

According to David Uba, MBA, CEO of Excelsior Orthopaedics in Amherst, New York, using a bundled payments system is the most lucrative approach to truly see the money you save. Look at the current pricing that payers are offering for an episode of care under the fee-for-service model to negotiate a price that will maximise your profit margin.

Does India's Health Insurance Pay for Knee Replacement Surgery?

The cost of a knee replacement procedure is covered by all health insurance programs. It covers medical costs for hospital stays, diagnostic testing, the services of a surgeon, medications, consumables, etc. Furthermore, health insurance in India also pays for pre- and post-hospitalisation costs.

After a two- to four-year waiting period, knee replacement surgery is covered by the majority of health insurance policies. This implies that after the waiting time has passed, you may write off the costs of your knee replacement operation.

Furthermore, your arthritis or knee injury will be regarded as a pre-existing condition if it was discovered before the purchase of the health insurance. In this instance, your knee procedure will be covered by the insurance company.


For those with significant knee pain or other knee issues that impair their quality of life and interfere with their everyday activities, a knee replacement treatment may be a lifesaver. Not everyone is a good candidate for surgery to replace their knee. Talk about the pros and cons of a knee replacement treatment with a qualified orthopaedic surgeon to determine which kind is best for you.