Experience True Freedom this Independence Day, with MediBuddy!

independence day

Did you choose what you wore today? While this question seems silly, it expresses the freedom you have for seemingly mundane things in life. Freedom to be able to take your own decisions is hard-earned in our society, and there are often situations wherein you think you are in control, but lack of knowledge on the subject can trick you into believing that you took that decision independently! Most of these situations arise out of the financial decisions that we take.

What is Financial Independence

Financial independence is understood differently by everyone.  To some, it is the ability to have enough saved to buy a house or to afford quality education for their children. To others, it may simply mean to get themselves out of debt, and therefore free.

But ideally, you become financially independent when you have enough information to enable you to take sound decisions with regard to the expenditure of your hard-earned money! This is especially true in terms of the spend that is attributed to healthcare.

This Independence Day, pledge to make yourselves financially independent to keep you buoyant in the face of rising healthcare needs. All your decisions, right from the policy that you purchase, to the hospital that you choose, to the treatment that you take, prominently hinge on your financial capabilities. However, having said that, the most expensive hospital or health insurance policy may not necessarily be the best for you, and hence you need to be aware of where you need to channel your money. Lack of information can push you into allowing yourself to be ‘herded’ towards expenses that you were not required to make.

How MediBuddy helps you with Financial Independence

We, at Medi Assist, constantly strive to empower you with information and self-help to help you make informed healthcare decisions and plan ahead with clarity.

Our self-help platform, MediBuddy, aims to make you financially independent. It not only helps you manage your health insurance benefits, but also helps you reduce the overall cost of healthcare for yourself and your family. It gives you access to a host of benefits related to your health insurance and wellness.

  • eCashless – eCashless on MediBuddy gives you provisional preauthorization and the estimated cost of treatment at your chosen network hospital – ahead of your planned hospitalization.
  • MediBuddy – your Curated Network of Outpatient Services, where you can select, compare and book your preferred outpatient service from exhaustive listings of specialist doctors, trusted diagnostic centres and hospitals. The services include Lab tests, Health Checks, Medicines, Consultations, Tele Consultation, Home Health Care, Second Opinion and Genome Study.

We strive for freedom and independence, be it from the rule of another nation or from the throes of misinformation or a complete lack of it. Switch to MediBuddy this Independence Day, and experience true freedom!

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