A quick insight into dental insurance plans

dental insurance plans in india

You may have procured a health insurance policy for yourself and your family. But, what about getting dental plans? Dental diseases need coverage as much as the rest of your health. Read on to know about them.

Why Should You Care?

Dental ailments have witnessed a spurt in the incidence rate. It’s no surprise really, considering the rapid and drastic change in eating habits and lifestyle. To a lot of people, oral hygiene is not a top priority. People will insist on binging on fast food, which is a leading cause of oral cavities. This is compounded by the fact that they do not care for their teeth and gums in the right manner. And then, there is the matter of tobacco consumption. India has actually earned the unfortunate tag of becoming the world’s oral cancer capital. A shocking 63.9% of the population of India has dental cavities. The proportion is higher among lower income groups. Periodontal disorders too affect nearly 16% of the population.Even though not enough attention is drawn towards dental disorders, you should not brush off the health and financial threats they pose. Not only are dental diseases sometimes an indicator of other ailments such as diabetes or heart problems, but their treatment too can be expensive.

People are actually enthusiastic about Dental Plans!

A recent survey threw up some encouraging statistics:

  • 92% of people promised they would opt for dental check-ups if their health plan covers them
  • Among a large chunk of people who were quizzed at a private dental clinic, 90% professed an interest in getting a dental cover. Unfortunately, most did not know that dental plans exist

How can a Dental Plan help you?

Just like your regular health care policy, a dental insurance cover can inure you from expenses that can drain your account if you come down with a dental ailment. So while purchasing a health plan, find out if it comes with the option of a dental add-on.

What do Dental Plans cover?

A dental policy serves both preventive and curative purposes-

  • Regular dental check-up
  • Diagnostic tests such as X-Ray
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Root canal
  • Follow-up therapy

However, the benefits that a particular policy offers will vary from one insurer to the next.Most of the major players in the health insurance industry offer dental covers. Go online and compare the perks and prices before you make up your mind


Dental health is often neglected in a low-income country like India where people think twice before forking out a large sum of money on oral care. But, mouth disorders can lead to grave health complications. And that is why there is an urgent need to promote dental plans.  

Source: Outlook India