Compare Health Check packages with ease on MediBuddy!


Looking for the right Health Check package for yourself and your loved ones?  Look no further than MediBuddy! Here, you’ll discover more than 1200 curated health check packages online, chosen just  for you from your trusted medical centres!

While the large number of health check packages can seem to confuse you initially when you want to zero-in on the right one for you, you’ll be surprised with the ease with which you can sort through the health check packages with the option to compare between them and also the nifty ‘Sort’ option on MediBuddy!

Compare between your chosen Health Check packages, in a few clicks!

We’ve now updated MediBuddy to enable you to compare between health check packages with ease and make an informed decision. You can select up to three packages and click on the ‘Compare’ button that pops up and view the costs, locations and test listings of these packages side-by-side!

What’s more, you can also cut down on the time taken to find your preferred service on MediBuddy with the ‘Sort’ feature that we’ve recently added. Through this, you can change the order of services on the listing page, and view services based on your most preferred criteria.

MediBuddy - Your preferred destination for Outpatient Services

On MediBuddy, you have access to a wide range of outpatient services, such as Health Checks, Medicines, Lab Tests, Consultations, Tele-Consultations, Home Health Care, Second Opinion and Genome Study. Our commitment to helping our valued customers make informed healthcare decisions continuously drives us to improve our services and features. With that in mind, we have made MediBuddy easier to navigate through and we’ve also updated the payment gateway.

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