Celebrating Health for All this World Health Day


This year, the theme of World Health Day, observed on 7th April, is “Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere”. With the slogan #HealthForAll, the WHO has sought to support countries in their mission for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) to enable the basic human right for health. Here’s how we at MediBuddy work towards supporting the cause of Health for All.

Health for All with UHC

The Government of India has always taken keen interest in the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) initiative. In fact, Karnataka became the first state in India to roll out UHC under the Arogya Bhagya scheme in October 2017. This was closely followed by the Central Government’s new national health protection scheme, Ayushman Bharat, touted as the world’s largest government-funded healthcare program. Health benefits administrators have a very special role to play in public health schemes. Apart from reducing cost of administration, benefits administrators can also make healthcare accessible to a vast majority of rural Indians at affordable costs. Medi Assist, for example, partners with the Central and several State Governments to enable online, paperless, administration of their public health scheme at the grassroot level.

Health for All in Everyday Life

Health for all is a lot more than an esoteric slogan for policy makers; it is in fact a concept that applies to each one of us, every day of our lives. With changing lifestyles, increasing awareness about preventive healthcare, and the growing affluence of the middle class, Indians are today demanding access to a whole continuum of services from a range of service providers – hospitals, wellness centres, diagnostic labs, pharmacies, and so on. These consumers are also acutely aware of the rising cost of healthcare and are increasingly opting for health insurance to hedge themselves against the risk of high out-of-pocket expenses. Cashless hospitalization service, in particular, is a primary driver for the increasing penetration of health insurance in India. MediBuddy allows consumers of healthcare services achieve their twin objective of lower cost of care and cashless access to a range of healthcare services. MediBuddy matches specific consumer requirements with service providers in our network, thus enabling informed healthcare decisions and driving better healthcare outcomes. More importantly, we leverage our deep partnership with network providers to contract preferential prices for members on MediBuddy. In a price-sensitive country like India, reducing out of pocket expenses and also increasing the overall value of benefits can go a long way in making healthcare more affordable for our families. Do join us in our pledge to work towards #HealthForAll. How would you and your organization observe World Health Day this year?

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