Casual Cannabis Use: How Can It Benefit You?

Cannabis health benefits

Casual cannabis use has many stigmas attached to it. It is indeed true that there is a possibility of getting inextricably hooked on to it and in that case, it can wreak havoc in peoples’ lives. But, smoking cannabis in moderation may be good for your health.  But, it is vital to remember that if you consume marijuana in excess, the harmful effects will outweigh the benefits.

What are the purported benefits of occasional cannabis use?

The following are some of the ways smoking weed may help you-

It professes to fight off depression

A study by the University of Buffalo found that marijuana contains THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a chemical that triggers the secretion of serotonin. It is a kind of happiness hormone and is instrumental in regulating and uplifting your mood. This hormone relieves the symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Moreover, marijuana does not produce those detrimental side effects that usually accompany anti-depressants. That is why, in Canada and many states of the USA, psychologists prescribe cannabis instead of conventional medicines.

Marijuana may help you lose weight

A study by ScienceDaily showed that casual cannabis use could help you stay in shape. It is likely to speed up metabolism and not allow fats to deposit all over your body. Weed helps keep LDL or bad cholesterol under check and may promote heart health.

Weed may be effective against diabetes

Marijuana can stabilize your blood sugar level and may prevent it from spiking and dropping throughout the day. Moreover, it can also-

  • Lower insulin resistance in diabetics
  • Reduce arterial inflammation which is a common fallout of diabetes
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Lower blood pressure (most diabetics tend to have hypertension)

It possibly boosts your Productivity

Cannabis purportedly helps you shrug off torpor and become more productive. It may increase dopamine production - a hormone that boosts concentration and attention span and makes the brain’s wiring more complex. Moreover, a study by Conscious and Cognition journal revealed that it can make you more creative and increases your linguistic skills.

It purportedly combats cancer

According to a Scientific American study, casual cannabis use may slow down the division of cancerous cells. Other studies claim that, when inhaled, it may help ease nausea triggered by chemotherapy.

Marijuana may improve lung capacity

A study by Harvard Health magazine revealed a surprising fact.  Unlike cigarettes, smoking pot may amp up your lung capacity without damaging the lungs.

It supposedly brings relief against period pain

Though not a lot of research has been done in this arena, some studies found that it might be possible to manage pain and cramps before and during menstruation with marijuana. It has analgesic and antinociceptive properties, which can help mitigate headaches, and muscle cramps and reduce the bloating that is a common complaint during periods.

What Happens to Long-term Marijuana Users?

If a person smokes marijuana for prolonged periods of time, it may have terrible effects on both the mind and the body-

  • Persistent respiratory problems
  • Arrhythmia
  • The raised possibility of a heart attack
  • Depression, insomnia, anxiety attacks


Despite the fact that casual cannabis use can help you in a number of ways, you should exercise restraint and control, or you might find yourself being inexorably reliant on this drug. While short term use of marijuana has shown to have some valuable health benefits,  the long term usage of this infamous drug can be quite devastating.

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