Can homoeopathy help you deal with PMS?


3 out of every 4 menstruating women have experienced some form of premenstrual syndrome in their life. The physical and emotional changes a person experiences with premenstrual syndrome may vary from just slightly noticeable to intense and interfere with daily lives.

The symptoms also tend to recur in a predictable pattern. These include tension or anxiety, frequent mood swings, appetite changes, insomnia, poor concentration, change in libido, joint or muscle pain, headache, fatigue, abdominal bloating, breast tenderness, acne flare-ups, constipation or diarrhoea etc. These symptoms generally disappear within four days after the start of the menstrual period for most women.

You don't have to let these problems control your life. With proper treatments and lifestyle adjustments, you can help reduce or manage the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. You must see the doctor and discuss your health problems to proceed with a suitable treatment plan.

Causes of PMS

While the cause of PMS is not known yet, here are the factors that may contribute to the condition:

  • Cyclic changes in hormones disappear with pregnancy and menopause.
  • Chemical changes in the brain, like fluctuations or insufficient amounts of serotonin, which determines mood states, could trigger PMS symptoms.
  • Some women with severe premenstrual syndrome have undiagnosed depression.

A woman's body and mind undergo distinct changes during the phase of menstruation. PMS, or Premenstrual Syndrome, refers to some symptoms that a woman experiences just before her monthly periods begin. Homoeopathy helps in the effective cure of PMS, and has no side effects. It provides relief from the symptoms of PMS. Here are some common homoeopathic medicines for curing PMS:

  1. Sepia: This medicine helps in curbing the extreme irritability caused in women suffering from PMS. It helps calm the mind and is specially used in case of pain in the uterus during this phase and in women with irregular menstrual cycles.
  2. Ignatia: This homoeopathic remedy is used during PMS for women who experience a state of sadness and become emotionally depressed. Ignatia cures this depression and uplifts mood.
  3. Pulsatilla: During PMS, women tend to become extra sensitive towards everything. This medication reduces the extra sensitivity and is used in cases of disrupted menstrual flow.
  4. Lachesis: This homoeopathic medicine can help reduce body pain related to PMS.
  5. Conium: If you experience breast soreness, enlargement or pain in the breasts during PMS, Conium is the best homoeopathic medicine for treating this kind of pain.
  6. Chamomilla: This medicine is similar to sepia.It is used to treat irritability related to PMS
  7. Bryonia: Another effective homoeopathic medicine which helps in curing breast tenderness in women during PMS. It is meant for extremely heavy and intense pain.
  8. Carbo veg: Abdominal bloating during PMS creates a feeling of heaviness and leads to pain. This medicine can ease your discomfort.

Does Homoeopathy Work for PMS?

More and more patients are opting for holistic healthcare, and homoeopathy has proved to be very effective in treating several health problems. As homoeopathic medicines are natural, they can be taken monthly. After taking homoeopathic medicines, women noticed fewer PMS symptoms, missed fewer work days and took less medication to manage their PMS. Homoeopathic remedies showed positive effects, and women noticed improved quality of life. Homoeopathy medicine must be correctly personalised by a professional after studying your health condition and symptoms.


While PMS can affect any woman, it is not untreatable. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, reducing salt intake and limiting sugar, carbohydrates, coffee, smoking and alcohol, can be very helpful. You must drink plenty of water to balance hormones and relieve PMS. Along with lifestyle changes homoeopathy offers a natural solution to balance hormones and bring positive changes in your physical and mental health.