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When you accidentally prick your finger and you look at a drop of your blood, does it ever occur to you that what holds your gaze is actually a vast library of vital health-related information?  Blood tests and other such diagnostic tests are often the first step to assess the health of the body and help uncover the first signs of disease and ill-health. The findings from lab tests can help catch critical changes in the body before they begin to manifest themselves, such as cardiac issues, cancer, diabetes and more.

Most of us undergo routine diagnostic tests as part of a variety of health check programs. Often, our doctors advise us for certain lab tests to help zero in on a disease. While we understand the importance of these tests, most of us will postpone that visit to the diagnostic centre due to paucity of time, or maybe just for the fear of needle pricks and ominous-looking machines!

MediBuddy helps you solve for the former, by providing a platform that lets you book your preferred lab test online, from the diagnostic centres and path labs you trust, at a date and time which is convenient to you!

Through the newly launched Lab Test service, MediBuddy adds yet another service to its list of outpatient offerings! MediBuddy is your Curated Network for Cashless Outpatient Services, where users can enjoy the convenience of booking their preferred service from Health Checks, Medicines, Consultation, Home Health Care, Tele Consultation, Second Opinion, Genome Study, and now Lab Tests too!

For your preferred Lab test, you get to avail attractive inaugural discounts, and also the additional advantage of making your booking completely cashless, based on your policy cover!

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