10 Best Creams for Lipoma Removal


What Is Lipoma?

Lipomas are benign soft tissue tumors characterized by round or oval-shaped lumps of fatty tissue that grow just beneath the skin. These growths are typically painless, easily movable, and have a rubbery texture. Lipomas can emerge anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the back, trunk, arms, shoulders, and neck. Although they are benign and slow-growing, causing minimal discomfort, individuals may opt for removal if a lipoma becomes bothersome.

Lipomas are typically painless, encapsulated, round or oval-shaped lumps that move easily under the skin. Most lipomas are smaller than 2 inches in size, but in some cases, they can grow larger. Though generally harmless, they may cause discomfort when they press against nerves or develop near joints. Some lipomas may cause pain or discomfort depending on their location, size, and the presence of blood vessels.

creams for lipoma removal

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What Causes Lipoma?

The actual cause of lipomas is still not fully understood, but several factors might play a role in their formation. Potential risk factors and contributing factors include:

Physical Trauma:

Medical experts suggest that physical trauma might trigger the development of lipomas. In some cases, an injury may unveil an existing lipoma.

Lack of Exercise:

Inactivity might be linked to a higher occurrence of lipomas. Staying physically active is believed to protect against the development of these fatty tissue growths.


Lipomas often run in families, indicating a genetic predisposition to their formation.


While lipomas can occur at any age, they are more likely to appear in middle-aged adults, typically between the ages of 40 and 60.

Certain Medical Conditions:

Individuals with certain medical conditions such as Gardner syndrome, adiposis dolorosa, familial multiple lipomatosis, or Madelung disease may be prone to developing lipomas.

10 Best Lipoma Removal Creams

For those seeking a non-invasive solution to lipoma management, lipoma treatment cream is a good option. These creams offer a convenient and effective way to address lipomas without resorting to surgical procedures. Here are some of the best lipoma removal creams available:

Shrirays Lipoma Cream:

This cream is a specialized formulation designed to target and reduce lipomas. With a blend of active ingredients, this cream aims to diminish the size of lipomas with regular application gradually. It is known for its ease of use and potential effectiveness in promoting a smoother skin texture.

Bejoy 20g Lipoma Removal Cream:

This comes in a convenient 20g tube, making it practical for direct application to affected areas. This cream is formulated to support the natural absorption of lipomas, working progressively to reduce their size. Users may find the cream beneficial for consistent, long-term use.

Enakshi 20G Lipoma Cream:

It features natural ingredients that address lipomas effectively. Its soothing formula not only aims to reduce tumor size but also provides relief from associated discomfort. Regular use of this lipoma herbal cream is recommended for optimal results.

BOLINAO 20g Lipoma Cream:

It is known for its potential to reduce lipoma size. The cream's formulation is designed for easy application and absorption, making it a convenient choice.

MEDHILE Lipoma Cream:

It features a specialized formula crafted to target lipomas efficiently. Users are encouraged to apply the cream regularly for maximum effectiveness in reducing the size and visibility of lipomas.

South Moon LumpFree Lipoma Cream:

This cream aims to provide a smoother skin texture by targeting and diminishing lipomas. With consistent use, this cream is designed to contribute to the gradual disappearance of lipomas, offering a lump-free appearance.

Chickweed Ointment:

This lipoma removal ointment is not explicitly marketed for lipoma removal but contains chickweed extract known for promoting healthy skin. Its natural properties may contribute to overall skin well-being, making it a choice for those seeking a holistic approach to skincare.

ZB Lipoma Cream:

It is formulated for targeted action on lipomas. Known for its easy absorption, this cream allows active ingredients to work efficiently in reducing the size of lipomas. Regular use is advised for optimal results.

Herbal Lipoma Cream:

This harnesses the power of herbal ingredients to address lipomas naturally. The lipoma herbal cream is chosen by those seeking a holistic approach to managing lipomas while promoting overall skin health. Regular use may contribute to the gradual reduction of lipoma size.

Citokain Lipoma Care:

It is designed to offer comprehensive care for individuals dealing with lipomas. The formulation, which may include cytokine, provides a multi-faceted approach to reducing and managing lipomas. Regular use is recommended to maximize the cream's potential benefits.

The lipoma removal cream effectiveness can vary from person to person. While some individuals may experience positive results, it's essential to approach these creams with realistic expectations.


Lipomas, while generally benign, can be a source of concern for individuals seeking their removal. The market offers various lipoma removal ointments and creams, each with its unique formulation and approach to addressing these fatty tissue growths.

Before trying any lipoma treatment cream, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional. They can guide the most suitable option based on the specific characteristics of the lipoma and the individual's overall health.


How do lipoma creams work?

Lipoma removal creams typically contain ingredients that target the fatty tissue comprising lipomas. These ingredients may aid in reducing the size of lipomas over time through regular and consistent application.

Are lipoma creams safe?

Most lipoma creams are formulated with natural ingredients and are considered safe for topical use. However, it's advisable to perform a patch test and consult with a healthcare professional before widespread application.

What causes lipomas?

The exact cause of lipomas is unknown, but factors such as physical trauma, lack of exercise, genetics, age, and certain medical conditions may contribute to their development.

Are lipoma creams effective?

Lipoma removal creams are designed to reduce the size of lipomas and, in some cases, dissolve them. Consistent and regular use, along with other lifestyle modifications, may contribute to visible results over time. Patience is key when using these topical solutions.

Can lipomas be removed without surgery?

Yes, non-surgical options such as lipoma removal ointments offer alternatives to surgical procedures for the removal of lipomas.