Benefits of MediBuddy Gold for Your Family


MediBuddy Gold Health Plan For Your Family

Protecting our family’s health is always a priority. MediBuddy Gold helps one do that without pinching the pocket. MediBuddy Gold is a healthcare subscription that provides unlimited video doctor consultations for you and your family. There are different types of plans available, based on the duration you would want it for.With the MediBuddy Gold plan, one can get unlimited online consultations for the entire family for all kinds of health issues. These have been segregated in 18 categories such as orthopaedics, mental health, diabetes, cardiac, skin problems, weight management, neurology, sexual problems, gastroenterologist and more.

Benefits of Using MediBuddy Gold

A MediBuddy Gold plan helps you make your family’s health a priority. The advantages of choosing MediBuddy Gold are listed below.

  • Avail Unlimited Consultations: No matter which department you choose, the MediBuddy Gold plan provides freedom to get as many consultations as required. Therefore, follow-up consultations and second opinions are no longer a hassle.
  • Safeguard your Family: The plan covers your family’s health needs. This is ideal in many situations, for example,  if someone in your family suffers from chronic ailments such as diabetes or heart issues. Children are also prone to falling sick due to seasonal changes, so having a paediatrician at the tap of a phone can help protect them.
  • Available 24/7: Illness can strike at any time. It’s always better to be prepared. Unfortunately, if someone falls sick in the middle of the night, it’s difficult to find suitable help. With MediBuddy Gold, you don’t need to fret about timing.  You can consult a doctor at any time of the day or night.
  • Consult Specialist Doctors: MediBuddy Gold can help you solve queries related to different medical departments such as skin health, gastric issues, sex-related queries, gynaecology and many more.
  • Save Travel Time: Since this plan provides video doctor consultations, you and your loved ones can avail this benefit from the comfort of home. This saves on travel time and fuel. There’s no need to step out or stand in queues for a consultation.
  • Experience Privacy and Comfort: Get your health queries sorted from the comfort and privacy of your home. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance when it comes to health issues.

The health of your loved ones is in good hands with MediBuddy Gold. So, give a green signal to good health and subscribe to MediBuddy Gold today!