5 Gadgets And Applications For Diabetes Patients


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Living with diabetes can be a tiresome experience as there are a lot of restrictions to keep in mind. From dietary restrictions to keeping a track of medications to take on time, dealing with diabetes involves a lot of mindfulness. Emerging technology has made dealing with diabetes a little bit easier. Ease your life with the help of these gadgets and mobile applications specifically created for diabetes patients.

Here are 5 products, gadgets and apps that can make life easier for a diabetic patient

1. Pedometer

Walking is one of the best remedies to deal with diabetes. Diabetes patients are advised to walk daily to keep their disease in check. A pedometer is a device that tracks the number of steps that a person walks in a day. By using a pedometer you can keep a track of how much you have walked in a day so that you can stick to your health goals in a proper manner.

Pedometers used to be a separate wearable gadget that used to monitor your heart rate and the number of steps you walk but pedometers are now available in smartphones which makes it easier to track your level of fitness. Pedometers are available as an application in smartphones and also in smart wearables like a smartwatch. Ideally, 10,000 steps a day can help you manage your blood glucose levels. You can start slowly with 2400 steps in a day. With your pedometer you can actually quantify your progress towards improving your health.

2. Diabetes:M

If you are having trouble keeping a track of your diabetes requirements then ‘Diabetes:M’ is a saviour. This mobile application is available for both iphone and android phone users, and it is a free application. Diabetes:M is a diabetes log application, which you can use to keep track of your medicine timings, sugar testing reminders and a log of your blood sugar counts. You can also keep a nutritional log through the application. The application is also tied with other nutrition and fitness applications so that you can take tips to control your diabetes.

The application makes it very easy to remain on track to control your diabetes and it also helps you understand your body’s diabetes trends through graphs. The application also calculates your insulin bolus based on the nutritional information about your body that you provide.

3. Blood Glucose Monitor (Glucometer)

A blood glucose monitor is a quintessential gadget to have for a diabetes patient. This easy to use and handy gadget lets you check your blood glucose anytime on the go.

The devices generally require a small blood sample you can collect by pricking your finger. You need to collect the blood sample on a strip and the device measures your blood sugar levels instantly. Everything from the pricking element to the strip is provided by the device manufacturer.

With advancement in technology you can also opt to purchase a smart glucometer. Smart glucometers can be connected to your phone through a 3.5 mm jack. The pricking element is part of the smart glucometer device. Once you collect your blood sample, the connected application on your phone shows your blood glucose levels instantly.

4. Fooducate

Fooducate is a very handy mobile application for all patients with diabetes. This application is a storehouse of information about the nutritional value of the food that you consume. This application helps you make smart choices about the food you eat so that it is easier to control your diabetes. If you are unsure about eating some kind of food, you can easily run it through the Fooducate application to see whether it is healthy for you or not.

The application also educates you about the hidden sugar content of certain foods, so that you do not accidentally consume them. This free mobile application is available for both iphone and android phone users.

5. Smart Insulin pen

For diabetes patients who need to insert insulin into their body, a smart insulin pen is one of the best gadgets.  Unlike insulin pumps that need to be attached to the body throughout the day, using a smart insulin pen is much easier. Smart insulin pens are easier to use and it also has a sensor which lets you monitor the efficiency of the insulin delivery to your body. The smart insulin pen is connected to an application on your smartphone to which you can input your latest blood glucose reading, and monitor the timing for when you need to insert insulin to your body.

Diabetes is a disease which affects approximately 422 million people around the world. Monitoring yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the best ways to live a vibrant life even with this lifelong disease. The use of smart technological innovations can help you make your life with diabetes easier to navigate. Make the most use of these gadgets and applications to maintain your health in a smart and conscious manner so that you can conquer this disease.