5 Foods you should avoid eating with milk


While most people drink milk, they may have preferences, some like to drink their milk cold, some like it hot, people also like to add chocolates or nuts, for more flavours, even bananas and other ingredients, to enhance the taste of the otherwise bland milk. There are many ways to incorporate milk into your daily diet. You may have it for breakfast in the morning or at night before bedtime.

Milk takes quite a long time to get digested and if you have milk and lemon or any citrus fruit together, the milk coagulates and this leads to gas and heartburn. Some people are also lactose intolerant, which means they are unable to digest the lactose present in the milk. Let us take a look at which foods must not be combined with milk:

1. Fish and milk

Well, milk has a cooling effect on your body and fish has a heating effect. This combination may cause an imbalance which leads to certain chemical changes in the body. You must avoid eating both of these together as it results in digestive problems and gives you a feeling of heaviness. Combining two types of proteins is a bad idea and takes a toll on your health. Eating fish and drinking milk together will cause discomfort, bloating and may even lead to skin allergies.

2. Bananas

Since ages, we’ve been told that milk and banana make for a healthy combination, but how true is it? The combination of milk and banana is too heavy and can take a really long time to digest. This may also cause fatigue and must be eaten individually, or with a gap between the two, as a part of a healthy and balanced diet. Most of us prefer having a Banana milk shake to boost protein levels, but it is the reason you feel bloated throughout the day.

3. Melons

Drinking milk alongside a lot of fruits can be a harmful combination. You may believe that it is a very healthy combination but they do not go well together. Milk tends to act as a laxative and melons have diuretic properties. This means having them together could lead to digestive problems and toxic build-up. You are likely to have loose motions and may start vomiting. This combination may even trigger food allergies and cause diarrhoea.

4. Radish

Radish must not be consumed with milk because it causes a burning sensation in the stomach as it has heating properties and milk on the other hand has cooling properties. As per Ayurveda, milk and radish is an incompatible food combination. If you are consuming them at a time, it can interfere with your digestion process, trigger heartburn, acid reflux and stomach ache. Thus, it is best to keep a gap of a few hours between the intake of these two foods. Remember to drink milk after at least two hours of eating radish or any food items that contain radish.

5. Sour Foods

You must never eat citrus fruits or acidic items with milk. As we mentioned before, milk takes longer to digest, and when you have milk and lemon or any citrus fruit together, the milk tends to coagulate. This results in gas, heartburn, also causes congestion, cold, cough, rashes, and allergies.

We are always on the run, owing to our everyday hectic lives and we try our best to include as many healthy foods as possible in our diet. However, this need makes us choose the wrong combinations of food sometimes, and that is harmful for our health. Milk is full of proteins and must be consumed daily, but if it is taken with the wrong food items, it can have a negative impact on the body. It is important to eat a variety of food but it is equally important to eat the right food at the right time, and in the right combination. So choose your foods wisely, eat a balanced diet and don’t focus only on adding loads of proteins in your diet.