5 essential health products all new moms must own


During and after pregnancy, it is critical to maintain proper hygiene around babies and the mothers as this is when their immunity is at their lowest, and they are restoring their strength and energy. These days there are many products available that are designed to make life easier. Come and explore some of these products with us.

Intimate wash and wipes

The intimate care products are essential for maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation. New moms must avoid all kinds of infections that could arise in the urinary area, and using intimate wipes is the best way to do so. Research the ingredients of the wipes and go for the natural product that is especially designed for women who are pregnant. Some wipes also have lactic acid that helps to maintain a stable pH level.

Baby bottles

Baby bottles are a must have item for all babies as it also allows different members of the family to help out during feeding time, giving the mother some respite. It is important to sterilise and clean the baby bottles as babies have lower immunities. To maintain hygiene, baby bottles must be cleaned with a bottle brush and rinsed properly with soap water. Also, bottles are then sterilised using steam or chemicals. Highest form of sanitation must be maintained while cleaning baby bottles as it goes directly inside the baby’s mouth.

Nail clippers and filers

Babies grow very fast, and so do their nails! Parents must have nail clippers and filers handy as newborns require a “manicure” very fast. Baby nails must be kept short and they could scratch or scrape themselves. Babies tend to throw their hands about, and longer nails could cause them harm. The nail clippers should be very blunt to avoid any accidents or cuts. Some companies are even coming up with LED lights or magnifying glasses inbuilt in the clippers to help you see better! Thankfully, baby nails are soft, and can be easily cut by blunt tools.

Nasal aspirators

Nasal aspirators are important products that will help your baby breathe better and remove any snot and phlegm that accumulates in their nostrils. The aspirators are a boon for babies who have lower immunity and are constantly getting sick. There are nasal syringes that are used to remove thick snot, but for serious situations, parents need to have a battery powered aspirator too.

Nipple cream

All mothers, nursing and non-nursing suffer from sore, painful, and even cracked nipples after giving birth to their babies. Moms must have nipple cream handy to apply whenever the nipples get painful or tender. During the initial phases of breastfeeding, mothers might even experience bleeding and itchy nipples. It is recommended to apply the nipple cream post feeding so it can get absorbed by the skin before it is feeding time again.

New mothers really have it hard as they have to take care of themselves and their little ones. Having some hygiene and health related products is the best way for them to recover and help themselves and their baby grow and become stronger. Easily available, the products mentioned above are a few items that moms must have to make their sweet journey of motherhood even sweeter.