4 tips to be the person that your colleagues like


Expressing gratitude towards your colleagues and appreciating them can build stronger relationships and help you get better results at work. People tend to be more amicable with those who appreciate them.

A poll revealed that more than 35% of employees feel the lack of recognition affects their productivity. Moreover, friendliness among coworkers increases a sense of trust and cohesiveness, increasing positivity and motivation.

Try the following gestures and witness magic:

  1. Polite is the way to go

Saying a simple ‘thank you’, face-to-face or a specific appreciation is sometimes enough to make someone's day.

2. Positive this will work

Share positive feedback. This goes a long way in validating colleagues, helping them recognize their strengths, areas of growth and creates a sense of trust between coworkers.

3. You’ve sent mail

Embrace the idea of appreciating a coworker personally via an email if they have been working hard. Recognition boosts morale.

4. Be heard

Speak up in a team meeting or rather as public recognition helps build your coworkers' self-confidence and motivates them better

Remember, people tend to favour those who appreciate them and vice-versa. Take the first step and let people like you in real life not just on social media!