4 essential self-care products to have handy


Self-care products are essential in these stressful times, and we all need certain products handy in case we feel a temperature coming or cut ourselves. There are a few items that people must definitely keep within arms reach that you never know when you might need. Let us explore some critical products.


A thermometer is a vital tool that everyone must have that is essential for managing and checking the body temperature. Thermometers are the easiest way to check for a fever, which is an essential increase in the body temperature due to an infection or other factors. For adults, normal body temperature is 98.6 ℃, and any temperature beyond 99.5 ℃ is considered to be a fever.

Running temperature is the best way to identify that the body is fighting against some unnatural and foreign body, and must be monitored.

Everyone must have a thermometer at their homes. Once you feel a temperature coming, check for fever using the thermometer and quickly inform the doctor or take the necessary medication. It is really the best way to help your body.

Cotton pads

Cotton balls or pads are the small, however critical product that everyone must definitely keep at home. These pads have multiple uses, and can be used for and by people of all ages. The cotton pads are very good for removing makeup, and they are soft, without causing any pimples or rashes. Additionally, if you have kids around, cotton pads are important. You can use them to wipe the baby’s bottom, or to apply antiseptic ointment or liquid to a scraped knee or elbow.

Also, sticking bandages directly on open wounds is painful, and it is advised to use cotton as padding.


Bandages are another product that we must make sure to keep at home as a bandage used at the right time and in the right manner is critical during trauma. An incorrectly tied bandage can cause additional pain and stress, and even open the wound to infections or foreign bodies. In case someone gets hurt or cuts themselves, you can quickly disinfect the wound and tie a bandage, while deciding on the next step of action. This immediate process is critical in stopping blood flow and brings a little comfort to the patient.

It is advised to keep a couple of bandages at home as you never know when the need might arise for the same.

Antiseptic liquids

Antiseptic liquids are used to stop the growth of microorganisms, and are the first thing applied to clean any wound and disinfect it. There are many antiseptic liquids available in the market, and it is advised to keep at home as the need for it can arise at any moment. In case you cut your hand while chopping vegetables, you must quickly clean the cut with an antiseptic liquid, and then proceed to plaster it with a bandage. Antiseptic liquids are generally safe to use and are the best form of first aid that must be handy.

We must now take a little care in our well-being and focus on some essential selfcare products that we must have in our houses. These products are a part of a first aid kit that will really help people during emergencies. Make sure to have these items always. A stitch in time saves nine, and it is always better to be prepared for any kind of problem that may arise.