10 reasons why a Normal Delivery is best for Mom and Baby

A normal delivery is best both for the the mother and the baby.

When you are just a few months away from holding your bundle of joy in your arms, you have zillion things running in your head. You may be heard some of your friends and relatives talking about their experiences during delivery, and you’ll often be thinking of your own.  Your baby can arrive in this world in two ways:

  • Vaginal birth (Normal delivery) – This is natural form of delivery via the mother’s birth canal
  • Caesarean section (C-section delivery) – Surgical delivery through an incision in the abdomen

A Caesarean delivery can be a life-saver for the mother and the baby in a number of complicated situations, and you should always go in with your doctors’ advice. However, if you have a choice, there are certain very evident advantages of choosing a normal delivery over a C-section! Here are 10 reasons that will help you decide:

Immunity of the baby

During a normal delivery, as the baby passes through the birth canal, it receives certain bacteria which play a role in strengthening the immune system of the baby.

Elimination of surgical risks

A C-section, is essentially an abdominal surgery, and comes with a number of risks such as bleeding, infection in the stitches, side-effects to anaesthesia and scarring. None of these are applicable to a normal delivery.

Safer future pregnancies

A normal delivery leaves no weak points from incisions and stitches in the uterus,  reducing chances for complications in subsequent pregnancies

Reduced respiratory problems for the baby

The compression of the thorax during movement through the birth canal helps to expel out amniotic fluid from the lungs of the baby. This clears out the airway passages and helps the baby breathe properly after birth.

Shorter duration of hospital stay

Both the mother and baby can be discharged as early as 24 hours after delivery. The shorter hospital stay also helps bring down the total cost of hospitalization.

Indicates a complete pregnancy

A normal delivery usually occurs only once the foetus is fully grown, and all the organs have completely developed. This means lesser complications for the baby later on.

Stronger maternal bond

When the mother’s body is not given any external medication (pain killers, anaesthesia etc.) it goes through a series of hormonal interplays that not only help mother cope with the delivery, but also help improve the immediate attachment between the mom and the baby.

Cost of delivery

The cost of normal delivery is often significantly lower than C-sections.

Ease in breastfeeding

A C-section usually leaves mothers a tad bit weaker right after delivery. This may make it difficult for them to physically hold the baby and breastfeed. Mothers who have delivered normally usually are in a better position to immediately breastfeed.

Quick recovery time

While a normal delivery is a long and painful, the recovery time is much less as compared to those who underwent a C-section. There are no major abdominal stitches that require healing and the endorphins released during normal delivery help in relieving the after-pain.A normal delivery is definitely worth all the hard work! Choose wisely for yourself and your baby!

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