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You are sitting in a meeting or attending an important lecture or in the midst of an interview for your dream job and suddenly out of nowhere, you feel this strong itching sensation in the center of your head. You feel like you cannot keep your hand from reaching out and scratching but you do not want to look unprofessional scratching your head, your hand seems to not listen to you and after fighting with yourself for what seemed like eternity you end up yielding to the relentless itchy scalp. Does this scenario seem familiar to you?

If yes, then read further to find out the reasons for itchy scalp:

Dandruff: It is the fungal infection of the scalp. It causes two kinds of allergy: the wet dandruff kind which causes oily scaly flakes that adhere to the scalp. It causes blockage of scalp pores making the hair more oily and a breeding ground for other bacterial infection. The other kind is the dry dandruff which causes dry scaly flakes which drop to the shoulder and face causing facial, chest and back acne. It is usually treated with antifungals like Ketaconazole.

6012-Seborrheic_dermatitis_as_a_psoriasis_mimic-1296x728-slide6_702x366Seborrheic Dermatitis: It is a chronic skin condition that involves red skin covered with greasy-looking white or yellowish scales, skin flakes and itching with redness. Treatment: it is usually treated by using antifungals like Ketacanazole shampoos.

Head Lice: Most common reason for itchy scalp in children is head lice. It is contagious and can spread from one person to another. It is treated by medicated shampoos and extraction of the lice from head with comb.

Things-Dermatologists-Wish-You-Knew-about-Scalp-Psoriasis-760x506_702x366Scalp Psoriasis: It is caused by raised pinkish scaly skin on the scalp. It is often very itchy and it is believed to occur due to a malfunction in the immune system. As a disease, scalp psoriasis does not cause hair fall, scratching does. It is treated with medicated shampoos and prescription tablets.

Unhygienic Self care: Some people do not like the idea of washing their hair. This causes accumulation of dirt and clogging of sebaceous glands leading to itchy scalp. It is ideal to wash your hair once in 2 days.

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