You Need To Look Out For These Signs Of PCOS/PCOD


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Have you and your partner been planning to bring a bundle of joy of your own into this world for many months now and failing at conceiving?
Have you simply been worried about your irregular periods?
Find out more about the signs and symptoms of PCOS to be sure.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) is a hormonal disorder which affects women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS experience irregular or prolonged menstrual periods. They also have high androgen(male traits enhancing hormone) levels. The ovaries in the body may develop follicles (small fluid collected sacs) and fail to release eggs regularly leading to inability to conceive.

For an individual to be clinically diagnosed as suffering from PCOS she should have at the least two of the below mentioned signs and symptoms.

High Androgen Levels: Elevated male hormone levels may show physical signs like increased facial hair, hirsutism (increase in body hair), male pattern baldness, central obesity (deposition of fat on the belly and abdomen), severe outbursts of acne.

Irregular Menstrual Periods: A normal menstrual period cycle of an individual lasts 28 days, plus or minus 8 days. Menstrual periods is considered irregular if it does not occur once in every 21 days or if its lasts longer than 9 days. Missed, early or late periods are all considered as irregular menstrual period cycle.

Weight Gain: Generally obesity calls for overworking of the vital organs of the body. Due to obesity there is increase in insulin resistance which is known to affect the ovarian follicles. This causes irregularity in the menstrual cycle.

Polycystic Ovaries: Sometimes ovaries get enlarged and contain follicles which have fluid. These affect the normal functionality of the ovaries and impair the regular menstrual cycle.

Mood Swings: Hormonal imbalance and low self esteem due to acne, hair loss, obesity etc can also cause mood swings in individuals.

Infertility: Due to multiple cysts in the ovary an individual finds it impossible to conceive in the natural way of conception.

Consult a Fertility Specialist or a Gynaecologist to know more about your irregular periods.

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