9 Reasons Why You Need To Work Out In The Morning


Have you ever wondered why gyms open at 5 am in the morning? Probably not because that’s when you’re holding your pillow and sleeping like a hibernating bear in winter. But now that I have put the question in your system, let me answer that for you.

During the morning hours, the gym welcomes all the **smart people who want to make the make the most of their workout and at the same time make the most of their day. But considering the busy lives, most of us lead, we only get the privilege to choose one- a well-invested workout OR a well invested day. But it is possible to have the best of both worlds by just changing one part of our life i.e by waking up early in the morning and working out. **

If I would have told you this face to face, you would be screaming NO to my face right now but trust me, all you need is a little convincing so give me the chance to convince you why you should choose the A.M workout.

High-intensity workouts without interruptions: In the later hours of the day, there are queues behind each machine and in the weights section, two people are struggling for a shot at the 10 kg dumbbells. But in the morning, there is no one who can come in the way of your triset or your alternating high-intensity chest workout. It’s almost as if you’re working out in your own personal gym.

Help from your hormones: Testosterone helps build muscle mass. According to a study, working out in the morning is most beneficial to the body because the testosterone levels in our body are the highest in the morning  Working out in the mornings ensure that you make the most of the hormones in your body and use them to your advantage.

Develop Discipline: Discipline and routine are a lot like appreciation. Everyone gets it but only if they are willing to work hard. Finishing off your workout in the morning every day might be difficult but it starts a chain of discipline in your internal body and your external work. Everything starts moving in a specific order. After developing the habit of waking up and working out in the morning, one missed morning workout session will make feel uneasy and unorganized.

The sense of achievement: Nothing compares to the joy of achievement and every complete workout is indeed, an achievement. Heading to your university and or your workplace knowing that you already have one achievement in your bag is more than enough to boost your self-esteem and ensure that you have a kickass mood throughout the day.

Feel better about your body: Girls get their manicures and facials done before a party and guys might do a bicep set before wearing a tank top for a day out on the beach. Keeping these instances in mind, an early morning workout makes you feel good about your body throughout the day. There’s no science involved here, it’s just the psychology of the human mind.

Better metabolism: Your body burns more calories after a workout even if you’re just lazing around in your cubicle. This is known as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumptions (EPOC) Working out in the morning increases your metabolism and your metabolism then stays elevated throughout the day.

Get better sleep: A recent study had participants exercise at 7 am, 1 pm, or 7 pm 3 days per week and the participants that worked out at 7 am in the morning recorded the deepest sleep patterns at night. This is because your body remains alert and active for hours after a workout and therefore doing an evening workout comes in the way of your night sleep.

A mandatory good breakfast: If you simply wake up and get to your breakfast table, two slices of bread and a cup of coffee might suffice but after a good workout, your body will ask you for a good and healthy meal. A good and varied breakfast will include more sources of proteins and nutrients which will benefit your body on a daily basis.

Time for other priorities: Have you ever felt guilty after skipping a workout because you had to go your friend’s birthday party or clear your driving test or drive your mom to the grocery store or finish an assignment? Yes, you have. Finishing your workout first thing in the morning ensures that you get it out of the way hence having enough time for your other priorities.

Be a morning person because there is a reason why they say that “The early bird takes the worm.”

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