7 Stories That Prove Your Body Is A Wonderland


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Your body is a wonderland – John Mayer.

John Mayer said it in one line and he said it right. There are more than a million books about the human body and yet somehow, we fail to understand the wonders that happen inside it.

Take a moment and think about it. Right now, you’re reading this article only because a thousand processes are going on simultaneously inside your body and brain to make sure that you’re able to do what you’re doing. But this doesn’t even begin to describe how miraculous our body really is. Get ready to get your mind blown off after reading these miraculous and mysterious medical stories:

Natalie Adler- Eyes Wide Shut

Natalie Adler of Australia suffers from a rare disorder in which her eyes stop functioning for 3 straight days in a week. After the 3rd day, her eyes start functioning normally and the never ending cycle continues. “There’s nothing that would cause symptoms of a woman to close her eyes for three days, and open her eyes for three days,” said Dr. Dean Cestari, a neuro-ophthalmologist at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary in Boston.

Xu Pinghui- Always Laughing out Loud

Xu Pinghui started laughing uncontrollably after getting sick when she was only 8 months old. Since then, she has been laughing continuously due to which she has lost her ability to speak. She communicates using different types of giggles. Her father Xu Weiming said, “Seeing her laughing, we feel even sadder than if she were crying.”

Michael Crowe- Self-healing Heart

Michael Crowe was suffering from acute myocarditis (an inflammation of the heart muscle). His heart was functioning at only 10 percent efficiency and right before his heart transplant surgery, he was diagnosed with blood poisoning. The transplant seemed like a failed cause but then something strange happened. Michael’s blood pressure started going up, which would be “impossible if he was relying solely on the heart-lung machine, which keeps blood pressure steady,” according to Fox News. A few days later, his heart started working on his own and as per the MRI reports, there was no permanent damage or scars.


Frankie Morrison- Born with just 35 ml of blood

Frankie Morrison was born with just two tablespoons of blood and had to be resuscitated as soon as she was born because her body was not responding.  Doctors told them that the chances of survival are slim and they should be ready for the worst. However, after two blood transfusions, her health improved rapidly and she made a full recovery just 3 weeks later. Maria Morrison, her mother said, “She is a little toughie and our soldier. Everything that was thrown at her she just batted it out the park. She really is an amazing girl.”

Annabell Beam- The ‘Miracles From Heaven’ girl

Annabell Beam was diagnosed with pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, which is an incurable condition but everything changed when one day, Annabell fell 30 feet into a hollow tree. What should have left her paralyzed, surprisingly left her without a single scar. In fact, she had been cured of her ‘incurable condition’ for good. After firefighters spent hours removing her from the hollow tree, Annabell claimed that she went to Heaven and met Jesus, who healed her.

Sam Tai- 24 hours of memory

Sam Tai suffers daily amnesia which means that each morning, his life literally restarts. He suffered from brain freak injury while playing rugby and since then he hasn’t retained his memory for more than 24 hours. He has to be reminded of his family, friends, and life every morning and then overnight, he returns to having no memory of anyone or anything. “He knows his name, he knows that he has a mother and he assumes it is me but he doesn’t know it definitely is me.” said his mother, Jane Tai.

Alcides Moreno- The man who fell from the sky

Alcides Moreno, a window washer fell from 47 stories and, wait for it, lived. Firefighters found a severely injured Alcides on top of mangled railings and cables after his 500-foot fall. He received 24 pints of blood, 19 pints of plasma and 16 surgeries to make up for broken bones, collapsed lungs, damaged kidneys and blood clots in the brain. He spoke after 18 days on Christmas day and asked his wife Rosario, “What did I do?”

Well, I guess ‘Mother Nature does work in mysterious ways’. I’m sure at some point in the article, you asked yourself, “But how?” However, if you didn’t ask yourself ‘How’, then that’s just strange and mysterious.  

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