Women Are The Strongest-Here's Why


Table of Contents

To all the aunties that ridiculed you for adding too much sugar in the tea and too little fabric in your sartorial ventures,

To all the eyes that ogled at you for wearing what your heart pleased,

To every time someone said “shut up, you are a girl”,

To all the naysayers, pessimists and chauvinists,

To everyone that wrote the the story of your life,

To all the times that you were asked to make a sammich,

To every time someone mentioned that a woman’s life in incomplete without marriage,

To all the stares, glares and snares that tried to hold you back,

To all the s,m,l and xl’s of measuring a woman’s worth,

To all the nahi, no, don’t, you are a woman,

To all the badass women in a man’s world,

Take a walk, let’s go; Our time is here and now.

Ignore the status quo, smirk at patriarchy, condemn sexism; After you’ve winged your eyeliner of course.

Kick up your heels and go get em’!

Inspired by a million, pulled down by a dozen and pulled back up by a thousand more, that’s how we become strong women.

Here’s to strong women! Happy Women’s Day! 

-Team DocsApp