What Are The Causes Of Unexpected Weight Gain?


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Some extra calories on a daily basis and skipping the gym for a month is enough for some people to gain some extra pounds. In this particular case, a person is well aware of the reasons for weight gain. However, in some cases, the causes of weight gain are completely unknown. Despite consuming minimum calories and exercising regularly, some people still find themselves falling prey to unintentional weight gain.

If you belong to the group that is unaware of the reasons for their weight loss, then this article is for you. Listed below are the underlying causes of unintentional weight gain:

Stress: The human body reacts to stress in different ways. Some people find themselves gaining weight rapidly. This happens because when a person encounters a stressful situation, the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ is released which leads to a rise in appetite. As a result, many people find themselves snacking on high-calorie food items or consume more portions of food which ultimately leads to weight gain.

Underlying health conditions: Underlying health conditions like thyroid, diabetes, depression, Cushing's syndrome, PCOD, etc are associated with rapid weight gain. These health conditions alter the hormonal balance in the body which leads to weight gain. In such cases, seeking help from a doctor is highly recommended.

Side effects of certain medications: In some cases, unexpected weight gain is the side effect of various medicines. Corticosteroids, antidepressants, birth control pills, antipsychotic medications, etc. are known to cause weight gain.

Irregular period cycles: Sometimes, due to irregular menstrual cycles, women experience water retention and bloating which causes them to gain a couple of pounds. This type of weight gain usually subsides by the end of the menstrual cycle.

Sedentary lifestyle: A sedentary lifestyle is highly associated with obesity. Activities like sitting for long hours at your office desk or binge-watching shows on Netflix can cause unnecessary weight gain. Indulging in regular physical exercise is the key to reducing this type of weight gain.

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