Welcome to The New and Improved MediBuddy+ v3.3


As our health service provider partners, you have been using the MediBuddy+ portal for hassle-free claims management processes. We have some good news for you! We have made your MediBuddy+ portal even better!

The MediBuddy+ v3.3 has the following notable features:

Finance Reconciliation

One of the pain points for you has been offline reconciliation. The claims reconciliation cycle is now completely online, and you can accept/dispute issues in real time.

Documents Tracking

No more issues of lost documents! If you have submitted the original claims documents to Medi Assist, you can update the tracking number/acknowledgement number online.

Pre-authorization Cancellation

You can now cancel a pre-authorized claim if the patient for whom the claim has been raised is not hospitalized.

Enhanced Dashboard

View and download claims details in real time.

Enhanced Profile page

You are in for a much better experience and a faster, more responsive online portal. You can also preview your profile page and view the profile completion status.

So, log onto your enhanced MediBuddy+ portal today to explore and enjoy a superior experience.

Yet to configure your MediBuddy+ profile? Make a start this New Year! Hop on board now on plus.medibuddy.in!

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