Ways to check weight gain during lockdown


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When the Covid warriors outside are battling against the pandemic, we the general people are advised to stay indoors to stop the risk of infection spread. Well, this definitely has proved beneficial in controlling the spread of coronavirus to a great extent, being locked down proved vicious for our health status. Not only it has surged the level of emotional stress but also physical issues, the most glaring example of which is weight gain. It is not uncommon to hear people complaining about their increased waistline, protruding abdomen, and so on. Lack of physical connection with the outside world has pushed us to lead a sedentary lifestyle. We are aware of this plight and did some good digging for you. Our in-depth research works have resulted in the creation of this blog on ways to check weight gain during the lockdown.

Why we are gaining weight during the lockdown period?

As we have already mentioned, the coronavirus lockdown has taken a toll on our mental as well as physical health. This quarantine period has completely disrupted our regular lifestyle. Some of the glaring reasons for gaining weight during the lockdown period could be:

  1. Long work hours: Long hours sitting to work on our laptop is one of the chief reasons to gain weight. This lifestyle of ours has mostly affected the stomach area, and most of us are complaining about gaining fat in the abdomen area.
  2. Unhealthy diet: Work from home can turn into long working hours, resulting in uneven eating times and eating unhealthy fast food. Fast foods surely save our time but get stored in the form of fat in our bodies.
  3. Overeating: Eating is a stress reliever and mood elevator. So, to cope with the stress of the quarantine period most of us tend to indulge in overeating.
  4. Lack of exercise: This does not need any separate introduction. Long working hours push us to spend our spare time relaxing on the couch or bed. Also, the whole day’s tiredness pushes us away from moving our body to do some yoga asana or exercises.

How can we check weight gain during the lockdown?

When it some to gaining weight it can be really easy and effortless. You just need to slip into a sedentary lifestyle and the rest will be done automatically, as an aftereffect. However, it is not that easy to lose those extra fats. You really need to shed sweat and invest time religiously to get back into your old shape.

  1. Take time out for regular exercise: We cannot deny the importance of exercising in the morning. So make a time chart and wake up according to that chart to practice some exercises. If traditional cardio and stretches bore you down, indulge in aerobics, weight training, or Zumba at home.
  2. Take the meal in time: Designate your time to work, exercise, and eat. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, channelize your mind to follow those set designated times for each activity. If you do not prefer to eat a heavy meal, break your diet into smaller meals.
  3. Eliminate fast foods from the diet: However, alluring they might look, eliminate fast food from your diet. They may save your immediate time but can cause harm in the long run. You can substitute them with homemade snacks like sugar-free laddoos, smoothies, cereals, and so on.
  4. Walk around your home: After you finish your work hit the terrace or the balcony to indulge in evening walks. We know going outside during the lockdown is not possible but you can always take some time out to walk around your home. If you a pet walk them every evening to spend some good time with them.
  5. Take small breaks in between work: Do not sit continuously in front of your machine. Take small breaks and get up to stretch your body. Go and walk across the other rooms of your home. This can prove beneficial for your joints and muscles as well.


To conclude with, we would like to say that there are different ways you can find alternatives to outdoor activities. They are all scattered around you. All you need is to look around you and accommodate them in your lifestyle. It is not really hard to follow a healthy lifestyle. You just need to motivate yourself for it