Why Should You Use Condoms 🍆


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Before the invention of the condom in 1855, couples were struggling to find a way to prevent pregnancy and now that we have condoms at our disposal, we don’t want to use them.

Say, one fine day we get mauled by aliens and they decide to take away all the condoms on Earth because they recently had a satellite screening of the benefits of using condoms but unfortunately, they don’t have condoms on Mars. What would you do then? Only then would you realize how important yet underappreciated condoms truly are.

Before that happens, I’m going to at least try to convince you why condoms are the best invention made by man and why we should all be using them.

1. Safety from STIs: Two things all human beings fear: Checking the phone screen right after it falls screen first and contracting sexually transmitted infections. According to WHO, More than 1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired every day worldwide and condoms are proven to be 98% effective in protection against STI’s. Zero percent or 97%? Your call!

2. Prevents pregnancy scares: Being late to work is fine but being late after having unprotected sex, No No No! Of the estimated 211 million pregnancies that occur each year, about 46 million are unplanned. Pregnancy scares can ruin your peace of mind and let’s not talk about what happens when the scares turn into reality. They are called scares for a reason, right?

This is what Lil Wayne has to say about condoms:

Safe sex is great sex,

But better wear a latex,

Cause you don’t want that late text,

That “I think I’m late” text.

3. Boosts sexual pleasure: Condoms are not just tools for protection, they are also pleasure-enhancers. Ribbed, dotted, extra thin condoms are designed specifically to boost sexual pleasure in bed. Each condom is lubricated to provide extra comfort. Colored and scented perfumes can do wonders in an oral sex session. I must say, condoms cover quite a huge area of pleasure.

4. No side effects: It’s like a helmet for your mighty soldier and when have helmets ever harmed us? Condoms are easy and safe to use in comparison to other birth control alternatives like the vaginal ring, inter-uterine devices (IUDs), contraceptives, etc. Condoms have no side effects but they surely have some great effects on the middle, if you know what I mean.

**Note: **Before using a condom, ensure that you’re not allergic to latex.

5. Cost efficient and easily available: “Condoms are too expensive” or “I couldn’t find one” are two excuses you just cannot use. A 3-pack of the best condom will cost you less than 100/- bucks and you can get them at any chemist or on a supermarket shelf. The only thing stopping you from buying a condom is you and it’s hard to believe that you’re running away from a win-win situation.  

When things are hard, condoms are always there for you. You just have to reach out for them!

Stay safe! Stay happy!

Team DocsApp