Untamable Curly Hair? 7 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Beautiful Curls


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Most hair care regimes shown in the mainstream media are targeted towards people with straight hair. Applying this to curly hair damages its structure and makes it weak. Curly hair requires a customized regime to retain the texture and maintain healthy hair. The average number of curly hair on a head is considerably less compared to straight and wavy hair.

People with curly hair have a drier scalp than people with straight hair as they have less hair follicles and thus less number of sebaceous glands. There are several types of curls such as corkscrew curls, wavy hair, coily hair and botticelli curls and each of the curl types require a different kind of care formulated specifically for its kind. However, the primary step for managing curly hair is a basic curl friendly regime. Let us take a look at some ways of taking better care of your beautiful curls.

1. Do not use shampoo on your hair very frequently

Curly hair tends to be considerably drier and more frizz prone than straighter hair types due to the presence of a lesser number of sebaceous glands on the scalp. The natural oils of the scalp moisturize and help maintain the luster in straight hair types. However it is practically very difficult for these natural oils to travel down the coarse texture of curls. Therefore it is best to use shampoo on your hair less frequently to avoid stripping it off its moisture. Dry shampoo can also be used on the scalp on no shampoo days.

2. Formulate a hair care regime that best works for your type of curls

Not all hair types require the same kinds of products and care. Kinky and coily hair types are drier compared to less curly hair types like wavy hair. Thus some hair types require heavier or thicker hair products to tame them while less curly hair types may require moderately rich hair creams or gels. Using heavier hair products on less curly hair types leads to limp and unnecessarily greasy hair which might be difficult to style.

3. Always use a heat protectant if you are going to use hair styling tools

Hair styling tools which require heat tend to dry up and damage hair. Since curly hair is even drier compared to straighter hair types, it is all the more essential to keep this in mind and use a heat protectant every time you use hair styling tools. Heat protectants act as a barrier between the strands of hair and the heat and help retain moisture.

4. Choose air drying over blow drying

Blow drying your hair strips it off its natural oils, leaving it drier and more prone to breakage.The friction involved in blow drying is also responsible for making your hair frizzier.  It is best to dry your hair naturally.

5. Use the scrunching method

The scrunching method is very effective in achieving voluminous curls which look bouncy. Applying styling products to your wet curls and gently cupping them with your palms in small sections helps define and make them look even more beautiful.

6. Use a deep conditioner often

Deep conditioning your curly hair helps it get hydrated and retain its elasticity.

7. Routinely trim your hair

Routinely trimming the ends of your curls help reduce the chances of split ends. It is important for keeping your tresses damage free and beautiful.

Curly hair types have special needs to take care of compared to straighter hair types. Not shampooing frequently, deep conditioning it once in a while, using the scrunching method, air drying your hair and regularly trimming it are some ways of taming your bouncy and lustrous curls.