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Have you ever wished that there were a few extra hours in your 24 hour day? or Did you ever feel like giving up whatever you’re doing and just crash on the bed until time ends? If you have then you’re just one of the 7 billion people that exist on the earth.

A tired body is the biggest enemy one can possibly have. There must have been instances in your life where even after 8+ hours of sleep, you wake up feeling so tired and drowsy that you start questioning yourself if you need another power nap. While an appropriate amount of sleep plays a very important role in kicking away fatigue, there are some other things you might be doing wrong in your day to day life which are sucking all the energy out of you. Read on!

You’re not hydrating yourself properly: If you think that caffeine is the ultimate answer to washing away tiredness, think again! In most cases, your body feels exhausted and tired because of lack of water. This can easily be justified because the average adult human body is 50-65% and in the case of the brain, the percentage of water is as much as 85% and dehydration lowers their ability to function well.  

So, the next time you feel sleepy when you should not, gulp down some water and it will get you flowing for the rest of the day.

You’re missing out on your first meal: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but our busy day does not quite allow us to give importance to our breakfast. That’s probably why you are drained out of all your energy halfway through your day. Eating a good and nutritious breakfast ensures that your body gets the right ingredients to kickstart your day.

Wake up a few hours early in the morning and have a healthy breakfast to actually stay alert and awake in your afternoon and evening hours.

Your sleep patterns vary from day to day: The most misleading sentence associated with sleep is ‘The more, The better.’ NO! Our bodies are a sucker for routine. They function at their best capability if a fixed routine is thoroughly followed at all times. An average adult body can function well on 6 hours to 8 hours of sleep. Nothing more and nothing less.

Keep your sleeping time and sleeping hours constant throughout the week. Yes! Even the weekends.

You are sitting a lot throughout the day: Sitting might seem less tiring than walking around but as studies have shown, the opposite is what holds true. Research suggests that sitting at one place for more than an hour can make you feel tired and sleepy. This is because when you sit still for a long period of time, your heart rate slows, so does your breathing. All your body functions begin to slow down as well. Basically, your body is slowly “falling asleep”.

Keep moving from time to time throughout the day. Be it a bathroom break, walking to the whiteboard to jot down points or going to a colleague’s cubicle for a chat.

You’re not exposed to enough light:  Melatonin is a naturally occurring sleep hormone which is controlled by light exposure. The more light you’re exposed to, the more active and alert you will feel. A 5-minute walk out in the afternoon or a cubicle/bench near the window might help you feel more active in your daily activities.

In order to regulate melatonin, make sure you minimize your exposure to light at night to ensure proper sleep and maximum alertness the next morning.

However, some medical conditions like thyroid, adrenal fatigue, insomnia, stress, etc can be the reason of low levels of energy in your body throughout the day. If you’re not sure regarding your reason for being tired, it is advisable that you seek medical help.

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