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A parent-child relationship is a beautiful relationship. The main beauty lies in the fact that it is a two-way learning experience. As much as a child learns from his parent, the parent learns equally as much from her child.

As a parent, every day is a learning experience. The more you involve yourself with your child, the more you will learn about your child which will, in turn, strengthen your bond immensely.

All we want at DocsApp is for you and your child to develop a loving and strong bond and therefore, we are here with some simple tips that will help you understand your child better. Here we go!

  • Pay attention parent, this one’s the most important of the lot: Observe your child as much as possible. Try to study his body language and you will know things which he will never tell you otherwise.

  • After observation comes talking. Talk to your child whenever you get the chance. You can talk about anything he/she wants, just ensure that there is healthy interaction.

  • Listening goes hand in hand with talking. Listen carefully to every word that your child is telling you. If he’s telling you about it, there has to be a reason behind it or maybe it just makes him happy, but then that’s a very strong reason to listen.

  • While you are at it, ask him questions. Let him know that you like what you’re hearing and involve yourself in the conversation as much as possible. Your child will love you for that!

  • Every child has a different way of communicating his thoughts. Be supportive and understanding towards his way of communication and in no time, you’ll be the first person he will turn to whenever he wants vent out his emotions.

  • Some children have a hard time being social. Encourage your child to be social and outgoing. Whenever possible, accompany him in his social endeavors.

  • In every situation, give him all your attention. No child wants to interact with a parent who is busy staring at the laptop screen or caught flipping the pages of a novel.

  • As you are giving your child all your attention, keep a track of his physical, cognitive, emotional and social milestones. That way, you can help him shape his personality and allow him to develop a strong sense of self-esteem.

  • Along with the milestones, it is also very important for you to keep a check on the surroundings that your child is growing in. The rule is simple: Encourage the good and eliminate the bad.

  • However, sometimes things might not be what they seem like. Never assume anything about your child, a situation or the surroundings. Go into the depth of things and understand the circumstance entirely before jumping to conclusions.

  • Last but not the least, step into your child’s shoes. Try to perceive and analyze things from his perspective before making a decision regarding him or your relationship with him.

Simple, isn’t it? Always remember that you are an amazing parent and your child loves you!

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