Tips To Reduce Anger


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In our stimuli-overloaded world, it doesn’t take much to make us snap and lose our composure. Annoyances are all around us- long queues, people making silly, snide or offensive remarks, endless traffic, things not going according to plan can cause our stress levels to rise. The inevitable result is frequent surges of temper. While rage itself is a very normal and essential human emotion because it helps us vent our pent-up frustrations after which we feel much stable.

However, anger becomes dangerous when it spins out of control or there are frequent outbursts of it. If you have no control over this turbulent energy, it could hurt you and your loved ones. That is why we present to you a list of activities to release anger.

Why do you need to fight anger outbursts?

Not only will anger sour your relations with family, friends and colleagues, but it also poses a more immediate threat to your own health. Sustained periods of simmering anger or a violent outburst can do the following-

  • Raises your blood pressure
  • Breeds negativity
  • Causes skin problems
  • Lowers your immune response
  • Gives you insomnia
  • Triggers digestive issues
  • Initiates frequent headaches
  • May even trigger a heart attack or stroke in people with pre-existing illnesses

So for the sake of your own health, you need to reign in anger.

A Few Activities To Release Anger

You may have been told to get a grip on your anger, but how exactly do you do it. There are a number of activities as well as lifestyle changes that together can help you safely channel your anger and even curb it-

  • Diet: Change your dietary habits. Oily, fried foods are not just unhealthy for your body, but they can leave you agitated and annoyed. Healthy foods especially vegetables, dairy and fruits trigger the production of endorphins or happiness hormone that alleviates stress and makes you feel upbeat. Also, you don’t have to deal with the guilt of having eaten something you are not supposed to.
  • Sleep more: Nothing amps up stress levels and irritability more than lack of sleep. When you get a night’s worth of blissful undisturbed sleep your mind and body fix themselves up and you wake up rejuvenated, enthusiastic with a positive approach to life.
  • Exercise: All forms of exercise are excellent stress busters. Like healthy food, exercise speeds up the production of endorphins. Exercise improves your blood supply so that fresh oxygen and endorphins reach all corners of your body.
  • Yoga: too is an efficient way of dealing with anger. It calms your mind, helps you gather your thoughts and get a sharper perspective on life’s problems. It removes the kinks and stiffness in your body (physical discomfort often translates to cranky moods) to make you clear-headed and tranquil. It is one of the best activities to release anger.
  • Don't react: If you feel anger coming on or something/someone has made you tremendously angry, don’t react. Become aware of the rage within you and take charge. And an easy way to do that is by closing your eyes and breathing slowly and deeply. Inhale and exhale 10 times and then open your eyes, your anger will have dissipated. But for this exercise to succeed you have to be aware of that turbulent soaring rage. Without consciousness, you will not be able to take charge of your anger.
  • Count to ten: You can also try counting from 1 to 10 this will attune you to your feelings of anger and rage and help you control the surge when it comes. Mindfulness will also still your mind to reduce incidents of uncontrolled rage.

Your anger could be a psychological or impulse-control issue, which is clinically known as Intermittent Explosive Disorder. If you recognise the symptoms such as extreme aggression, hostility and sudden unwarranted anger, then you will need Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. With probing questions, introspection and exercises, therapy will help you understand the triggers, get to the bottom of the issue, and help you find a solution.

If you want to know more about the kind of diet that will keep you happy and in control of your anger, then you can talk to a doctor online DocsApp.


Violent rage is damaging for both your relationships and your health. With these activities, you can gain control over your life.