These Tips Are Very Important To Prevent Fever


We have all encountered fever at some point in our lives. As a kid, we turned to fever if we wanted to take a break from school and homework. However, as we keep turning older, we understand that fever, even though it is not serious or chronic, is not a good thing to have. When the body temperature exceeds the normal body temperature range ( 37°C/ 98.6°F) is considered as fever.

Fever is very common and does not cause any major problems but it is not exactly the most pleasant thing to have. However, a person suffering from fever is extremely vulnerable to weakness, headaches, body pain, etc and is not able to function efficiently.

Listed below are a few tips to prevent fever:

Focus on hygiene: Many a time. unknowingly, we subject ourselves to bacteria and viruses which in turn cause fever. In order to prevent fever, it is imperative to focus on self-hygiene and environmental hygiene.

Keep working on your immunity: A healthy lifestyle is very important for keeping fever at bay. Indulge in regular physical activity, eat a well-balanced diet and stick to a regular routine.

Stay hydrated: A dehydrated body is a weak body. Always ensure that you get your daily intake of water. It is recommended that you hydrate yourself after rigorous activities which cause tiredness and sweating.

Rest: Fever or no fever, the human body needs its share of rest. It is important to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night in order to maintain good immunity and increase productivity.

Know when it is time to see a doctor: If your fever crosses 103ºF, it is recommended that you visit a doctor at the earliest to check for underlying symptoms and receive proper medical treatment.

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