Tips To Maintain a Happy and Healthy Scalp!


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Every person is well-informed about the importance of a head full of hair. Everyone longs for healthy hair which can be styled in various ways because let’s face it, if a person in their early 20s or 30s tells you that they are happy with their balding hairline and thinning hair follicles, it is a little hard to believe. Healthy hair is the sign of a healthy scalp and here's the good thing and the bad thing- having a healthy scalp is entirely in your hands.

Taking care of your scalp is a hard thing to do because unlike our skin, the signs of damage aren’t easily visible on the scalp. In addition to that, most people pay attention to their hair ends but not their scalp and by the time, a person realizes that his scalp is damaged, it is a little too late. Therefore, to ensure that your scalp is always healthy, we have listed down some simple day-to-day tips that will be really helpful to you in maintaining a healthy scalp.

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Eat a balanced diet: We do understand that eating a balanced diet is important in every aspect, but in this particular case, we are referring to all the nutrients and vitamins that your scalp loves! Zinc, folic acid and iron are very essential for a healthy scalp. Zinc helps in the prevention of dandruff whereas iron and folic acid help treat thinning hair and promote cell renewal in the scalp respectively.

Indulge only in occasional head baths: The scalp consists of essential natural hair oils which are imperative for a healthy scalp and hair growth. Washing your hair daily will strip your hair off these natural oils which will result in dry and damaged scalp which will reflect evidently in the quality of your hair.

Know your hair type: There’s a reason that we find massive shelves of hair products in supermarkets. Every hair type is different and needs to be treated accordingly. Know your hair type and only use products that are meant for your hair. In addition to that, always ensure that you read the ingredients of the hair product that you are about to buy as some chemicals present in these products can severely damage your scalp. A hair expert can help you understand your hair type and which products will work best in maintaining healthy hair.

Do not indulge in excess blow drying: Blow drying your hair very frequently dries up the essential natural oils on the scalp and also leads to problems like thinning hair, split ends, etc. Blow dry your hair only when required but nevertheless, try to minimize it as much as possible.

Protection against external factors: External elements like pollution, UV rays, etc are always up for damaging your scalp. It is imperative to always take steps to keep your scalp safe from these external irritants. Wearing a cap or scarf while going out in the sun, wearing a cloth under the helmet while riding a bike, using hair products which provide protection against pollutants, etc go a long way in maintaining a healthy scalp.

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