Tips to get rid of Holi Colours from your skin and hair


Dr. Anand Philip
Dr. Anand Philip
MBBS, MRCGP[INT]Tips to get rid of Holi Colours from your skin and hair

Holi is the most colourful festival of our country. Everyone who participates in the celebration is covered with multiple colours on the day. But the colours of the day might be extremely hard to get rid off if it is not washed off properly. Thus, it is important to know the correct method of removing the colours.


Use a mild cleanser to wash your skin instead of a soap. Apply moisturising cream to the skin after this. If there is any skin irritation during the process of washing off the colours, use a blend of glycerine and rose water and rinse it with lukewarm water. This will reduce the itchiness. Do not rub the stains vigorously because it can lead to further skin irritation and dryness. For the entire week after Holi, use Multani Matti face pack every other day to bring your skin back to its normal state. Do not wax or thread the skin for two to three days after Holi because your skin is very sensitive after Holi and waxing or threading might cause skin reactions.


Holi colours can severely damage your hair. Hair can get frizzy and break-off if the colours are not washed properly. Before using the shampoo, wash the hair with large amounts of water to remove the colours. Make sure you use a mild and if possible, an herbal shampoo. Use generous amounts of conditioner to prevent any hair damage. If you are having trouble getting rid of colour from your hair, prepare a blend of lemon and curd in the ratio 1:10 and apply this mixture on your scalp. Rinse for some time before washing it off.

Use these tips to get rid of the colours from your skin and hair.

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