5 Tips For Winter Skincare


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Winter may be the season you look forward to because it brings respite from India’s sultry summers, but it can be very harsh on your skin. Winters in India can vary in degree from state to state, but wherever you are, you may have noticed that the air becomes very dry. Humidity is low, this means your skin’s natural moisture also evaporates fast leaving you with dry skin that feels stretched tight and even flaky. Your skin might also itch, tender spots around the lips may develop micro-tears that sting.

So, it's time to shower some love and care on your skin. Don’t worry; you don’t have to splurge on expensive skin-care products. Everything you need to give your skin the healing touch is right there in your home.  

Drink lots of water

Counter the moisture depletion by drinking lots of water. Water keeps your body and your skin hydrated. It flushes out toxins from your skin and gives you a natural glow in winters. Drink water at regular intervals. You can also try different herbal teas to give yourself an extra immunity boost.

Cleanse your skin

Pollution levels soar during winter. So if you’ve been out, chances are, you have toxins and pollutants in your pores. If they accumulate, your skin will begin to look dull, and soon acne will break out. So you need to cleanse your face as soon as you come home. There is a very effective cleanser everyone has in their home! We are talking about milk. Just dip a ball of cotton into cool milk and wipe your face thoroughly with it. You will see patches of dirt on the cotton after you’ve used it.

You should try to cleanse your face every day in winter. The indoor pollution level is high during the winter.

Scrub your face

Since skin tends to become flaky during winters, you need to scrub your face at least twice a week to remove all the dead cells and bring out the radiant new skin hiding underneath. Scrubbing also increases blood supply to the face. There are many DIY scrubs that you can prepare at home. The most common is gram flour and milk scrub. Gram flour is a little granular and just 3 minutes of gently massaging your skin with this home-made scrub will give you visibly clean skin.

If you have oats in the house, you can make an excellent scrub with honey and oats as well.

Wash your face

Face washing is the most fundamental component of anyone’s skincare routine. However, if you want to avoid store-bought face washes because they may make your face dry during the cooler months, you can make some excellent face washes at home.

A very hydrating face wash can be made with 1 part honey and 2 parts milk. If you have sensitive skin you can prepare a face wash with aloe vera and honey. If you have a sunburn, you can make a face wash with tomato juice, lemon juice, and milk in a 2:1:1 ratio.

Body oil is a must

It’s not just the face that requires your attention, but the skin all over your body is also vulnerable during winters. And you can make a brilliant DIY body oil before winter kicks in. All you need is a carrier oil and essential oil. Your body oil should contain 98% carrier oil and 2% essential oil. Popular carrier oils are coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc. You can use argan oil, bergamot oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil as an essential oil. Take a few capsules of Vitamin E, split them, and add the contents to your home-made body oil.

Massage all parts of your body with your DIY body oil and focus especially on the elbows, knees, feet, and hands. For your face, make a moisturiser with almond oil or olive oil or carrier oils as they are lighter and gentler on the face skin.

If you want to know more about how you can avoid winter skin problems, you can always talk to a talk to a dermatologist doctor online on DocsApp.


Taking care of your skin in winter is easy. All you need are a few simple ingredients and lots of patience. But with proper care, your skin will be radiant this winter.