This Will Happen To Your Body If You Quit Alcohol For a Month!


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Maybe you are done with hangovers; maybe you are tired of not sleeping well; maybe you want to lose that beer belly or maybe you are just curious. There’s a reason you are here and let us assure you that if you have decided to let go of alcohol, it is the best decision you’ve made.

We won’t deny that a little alcohol does the body well but even you can’t deny that sometimes one drink turns to two, two drinks turn to four, four drinks turn to.. Well.. you know what we are talking about!

Things tend to go out of hand sometimes and after a couple of weeks of daily drinking, every hour becomes a happy hour. These happy hours are followed by loads of unhappy hours and the vicious cycle goes on and on!

Well, you are here and it’s time to break the vicious cycle and take a deep dive into the beautiful pool of sobriety. Once you are swimming in the waters of sobriety, your body might show some signs of withdrawal like restlessness, sweating, reduced appetite, nausea, irritability.. basically, your mind and body will be disorientated. While that’s happening on the outside, this is what will be happening inside your body:

One hour: Your body goes into total detox mode to remove the alcohol out of your system as fast as it possibly can, in order to avoid alcohol poisoning. This is where you can experience some headbanging hangovers and feel extremely weak. The liver starts working rigorously and the pancreas produces extra insulin in order to normalize the blood sugar levels in your blood. Due to the excess insulin, you might have experience some unhealthy food cravings.

Within 24 hours: In 24 hours, your blood sugar levels begin to come back to normal. Since alcohol is a diuretic, it encourages the body to lose as much water as possible through sweating and therefore, you will feel dehydrated more frequently. Keep drinking as much water as possible in the initial days of sobering up. Prepare yourself for some intense alcohol cravings as the equilibrium created by the body to adjust alcohol will slowly start diminishing. These cravings can last from several days to months, depending on your alcohol intake prior to quitting.

After 72 hours: After 72 hours, your withdrawal symptoms and cravings will slowly start to subside. Your body will create and adjust to an equilibrium without the presence of alcohol in your system. You can be assured that good days are awaiting you! However, in extreme cases, this time also marks a phase of delirium tremens- a sudden confusion regarding everything coupled with tremors and hallucinations. In such cases, it is always recommended to consult a De-addiction specialist.

Within a week: Your sleep patterns will significantly improve and you will wake up all active and energized. You will notice a considerable increase in your physical and mental energy levels. You will be more aware of the things happening around you and you will have a pro-active approach towards them. Your skin will also start to look better due to proper hydration and moisture retention.

After a month: According to a study published in The International Journal of Cosmetic Science, after the 4-week mark, your skin starts to improve significantly. The ability of your liver to filter out toxins is increased by approximately 15%. The cherry on the cake is that you will definitely lose some belly fat. By this time, you will start enjoying the advantages of staying sober and will thank yourself for making the decision of staying sober. Chances are that you might decide to give up alcohol for good.

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