These Tips Will Help You Fix Damaged Hair!


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Damaged hair. These two words symbolize nothing but misery but as the laws of nature have it, everyone has to deal with damaged at some point or the other. It is important to know that the real fix lies in how well you choose to deal with it and what measures you are taking the repair the damage.

If you are currently dealing with the curse of damaged hair, these 10 simple tips will help you break the evil spell and get back to having #GoodHairDays!

It's time to change your hair products: Now that you are dealing with a different hair texture, you need a different set of hair products as well. Talk to a Hair Specialist and get recommendations on what type of hair products will help you fix your hair problems at the earliest.

It’s time to start eating healthy: You have been neglecting a healthy diet for quite some time now and your hair is paying the price for it. Including foods like fish, plant sources, chicken and eggs will enhance the quality of your hair, thus fixing damaged hair.

It's time to get a haircut: You have been postponing your haircut session for quite some time and now, you are left with damaged hair. Before trying any tricks to fix damaged hair, head to the salon and get your split ends trimmed off.

It's time to cool off from the heat: That hair dryer and straightener have finally taken their toll on your hair. If you want your hair to get back to being healthy and happy, stop using hot tools on your hair. If you necessarily have to use hot tools, then do so at minimum heat levels.

It's time to bring out the bottle of olive oil: Olive oil is known to add moisture and replenish the texture of the hair. In addition to that, it also makes the hair follicles softer and more manageable. Though the effect of olive oil depends from condition to condition, it is definitely worth a shot.

It's time to treat the underlying cause: In some cases, dry and damaged hair could be due to an underlying health condition like hypothyroidism. If you think your hair damage is the consequence of an underlying hair condition, it is best to see a specialist doctor at the earliest.

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