These 5 Things Can Negatively Impact Your Mental Health


The world we live in emphasizes a lot of physical well being. Very often, we see people hitting the gym, indulging in a balanced diet and taking various measures to take care of their hair and skin. On the other hand, mental health, unfortunately, is still a very big taboo in India and is not addressed as much as it needs to be addressed.

While we are on the topic of addressing mental health, what we don’t realize that some daily habits/activities have a negative impact on our mental health. Our mind is subconsciously very vulnerable to certain triggers and this can majorly interfere with our day to day life. Furthermore, these stressors make way for habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and increase one’s dependency on various drugs and prescription medicines. Dependency on these stimulants might seem to help temporarily but eventually, they end up taking a very heavy toll on one’s mental health.

Listed below are some stressors that one should be careful of in order to maintain optimum mental health:

Lack of sleep: Despite knowing the importance of sleep, we still tend to conveniently ignore it. A lot of people, especially teenagers and young adults miss out on getting 8 hours of sleep due to their busy schedules and all-nighters. Not getting sufficient sleep takes away the resting time of the brain and therefore, the brain is not able to function at its best. Following a proper schedule and getting 8 hours of sleep every day is imperative for optimum mental health.

Credit: Credit has changed the world for the better and for the worse. While many people use their credit options wisely, some people have the habit of spending impulsively using their credit options. However, this credit keeps piling up month after month and before a person knows it, they are drowned in debt. This debt causes financial stress which takes a massive toll on one’s mind thus deteriorating their mental health.

Lying: Contrary to various beliefs, lying is never a good thing. One lie, no matter if it is big or small, gives way to a hundred other lies and protecting these lies costs a person their mental health. The fear of getting caught and facing the consequences only adds to the situation and takes away one’s peace of mind.

Comparison: Comparision is the enemy of growth. Subconsciously, many of us tend to compare ourselves with our friends and other people that we come across in our day-to-day life. This comparison further aggravates due to the ‘perfect life’ portrayed by the people on social media. This comparison lowers our self- esteem and makes us vulnerable to mental problems like anxiety, nervousness, and depression.

Relationship conflicts: It is always wise to keep relationships with close ones healthy as losing someone we love can heavily impact our mental health. Having a conflict with someone you love not only interferes with our mental ability to perform day to day activities but also makes a person vulnerable to isolation and depression.

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