Make These 5 Mind & Body Adjustments For Successful Weight Loss!


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Weight loss can be a tricky affair for some people because no matter how hard they try, they are unable to lose weight. Expensive personal trainer sessions and crash diet routines just add to their misery. When they look into the mirror two months down the line, all they seem to have lost is hope. Disappointed, they ask themselves “Why is this happening to me?”

Does this sound relatable? If yes, then this article is for you. The simple reason why you are not able to lose weight successfully is because even though you are all set to lose weight, your mind and body aren’t prepared for the journey. Just like a car needs to be tweaked before every race, your mind and body, too, needs to be adjusted in a certain way for successful weight loss.

Listed below are 5 important mind and body adjustments that you need to make for successful weight loss:

Know the right things about weight loss: There are two sides to weight loss. One is ‘losing weight’ and the other is ‘losing weight in a healthy way.’ It’s no surprise that the latter is always the way to go. Energy balance is a very important factor when it comes to weight loss. "Energy balance is the art of maintaining the perfect balance between calories in and calories out." Once your body understands how to balance your energy, overeating will never be a problem.

Don’t give in to hunger anxiety: Many of us fall prey to hunger anxiety and run to the store or cafeteria to satisfy that hunger. This is when all your hard work at the gym slowly starts to fade away. “Just one pack of chips won’t make a difference” you say but it is, indeed, what makes all the difference. Always ask yourself if you are really hungry or if it’s just your anxiety or boredom calling the shots.

Crash diets will only make you crash: Crash dieting is never the answer to losing weight. Yes, I agree that it helps you lose weight fast but what it doesn’t do is teach you how to eat healthy. On the flipside, it teaches your body to starve and eat less, which in the long run, will only hurt your body. Eating healthy is one of the most important things when it comes to weight loss and the sooner your mind understands that, the healthier your body will be.

You are doing everything right except for one thing: The one thing that we are talking about is sleep. If your body does not get enough sleep at the end of the day, then all your weight loss efforts will just go to waste. Not getting enough sleep increases the levels of ghrelin, a hormone associated with hunger and suppresses leptin, a hormone that signals fullness and satiety. Your mind and body need sufficient rest to function optimally and achieve your weight loss target. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time and energy, literally.

Think of your weight loss journey as a new lifestyle: Any weight loss journey becomes much more difficult if it is seen as a task or a compulsory act. Instead, convince your mind into thinking that your weight loss journey is the first step towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. Yes! No more bad habits, no more junk food cravings, no more late night binge watching on Netflix; just you, your weight loss goals and a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. This might sound difficult now but one year down the line, you will thank yourself for making this decision.

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