The Super Blue Blood Moon - What’s the big deal?


We’ll tell you!

Tonight you will experience a rare celestial phenomenon as the supermoon, the blue moon, and the blood moon; coincide in a complete lunar eclipse. The last time all of these events occurred simultaneously was in 1866.

Let’s bust a few myths about today’s eclipse:

1. Don’t use sharp objects:

People believe that if you cut yourself today, it would take longer than usual for the blood to clot.


There was no electricity back in the days and there would be a blanket of darkness during the eclipse. Hence, elders forbade people from using sharp objects.

2. Don’t eat or drink anything during the eclipse:

It is believed that eating during the eclipse will cause indigestion.


Unless a doctor tells you not to eat, we find no reason why you should not eat. Please stay nourished and hydrated as your little one depends solely upon you. A healthy mommy makes a happy baby.

3. Taking a shower after the eclipse:

People believe that the eclipse emits negative energy and in order to cleanse yourself and get rid of the negativity you need to bathe right after the eclipse.


This is just old wives’ tale. Please stick to your routine and shower at your convenience.

4. Don’t step out during the eclipse:

Most people believe that the eclipse is a bad omen. Thus, stepping out during the eclipse is frowned upon.


As we said earlier, there was no electricity during ancient times. In order to prevent any mishaps or accidents this could have been imposed on everyone.

Forget popular belief, witness the celestial beauty. ‘Once in a blue moon’ is today!

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