The Important Role of Fathers


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Whether they are the slogging breadwinners or the stay-at-home superstars, the avatar of a Father is ever-changing. One thing stays the same - the impact a Father, more affectionately a ‘Dad’ has. Think back to your own father. Was he a confidante or was he a taskmaster? You might realize that he had a lot to do with who you became - or didn’t become. As a soon-to-be Dad, have you thought of the amazing impact you can make on your baby’s life? Your baby will be the apple of your eye, and you, for times to come, will be their hero.

Here are 3 ways in which a father can impact their child:

Fathers can impact the child’s sense of self

Self-worth is an important factor in a person’s life. A study suggests that self-worth of Indian kids is more impacted by a father’s role. Children whose fathers are detached or controlling are likely to have lower self-esteem.

Fathers can influence the child’s vocabulary

When it comes to verbal fluency, it’s Dads who win the game. During infancy, mothers tend to use words that the child is familiar with while fathers use unfamiliar words, thus helping the child broaden their vocabulary.

Fathers help the child be social

Got a yapper on your hands? Then Dad is the reason for it. Properly involved fathers boost the development of good social interactions and social competence.Want tips on how to be involved in your child’s life? The Mom and Miracle Program by MediBuddy can help you out. Be sure to give a call and get expert advice on how to embrace your role as a father to the fullest.Sources:

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