Surprising Facts About Grey Hair


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While some seem to think grey hair is a sign of wisdom, others dread the very sight of a grey strand. This article will tell you everything you need to know about grey hair.

Normal Aging

Okay, this is no surprise, right? We all have to turn old someday and grey hair is just one of the many signs of ageing. So, just like your skin, hair would also change its colour and texture over time.


Ethnicity plays a major role as well. White people tend to grey in their mid-30s, while Asians grey in their late-30s and Africans in their mid-40s. Also, genes play a role as well, if you belong to a family, whose hair turned grey early, then there’s a high probability that you will also have premature greying.

Stress Plays a Role

Of course, stress wouldn’t cause your hair to grey right away! But stress is said to have a lot of negative impact on your skin and hair. For example, when someone is ill, the person can actually shed hair quite fast. So, if you are someone who seems to get stressed out a lot, then you could suffer from premature greying.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Having an unhealthy lifestyle also proves to have a bad effect on your skin and hair. For example, smoking stresses out your hair and skin to a large extent. Even low B12 and D3 vitamin levels can cause loss of hair pigmentation. You should consume foods that are packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to help protect your cells against toxins.

Hair and Pigment Problems

Hair and its colour are two different things. Hair cells and pigment cells work together. However, either one can stop functioning properly, resulting in your hair turning grey prematurely.

Hair Bleaches Itself

Hydrogen peroxide is a way to turn your hair blonde, but it’s also a way to turn your hair grey. As we get older, hydrogen peroxide develops naturally in your hair follicles and eventually builds up, leading to blockage of melanin. This ultimately leads to greying of hair.

Hair Just Grows Grey

A strand of hair usually grows for about one to three years and then it’s shed away and new hair grows. As you age with time, your hair is more likely to just grow back white. Pigment-forming cells can wear out, leading to the growth of white hair.

Thyroid Issues

If you find that your hair is turning grey, fine, or thinning, then this could be a sign that you may have a thyroid issue. So, it’s best to get yourself tested for thyroid and rule out any thyroid issues.

The reasons you could go grey are plenty. For more info on hair colour & hair issues you can always talk to a doctor.

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